Addmotor FOLDTAN M160 Folding Electric Bike Review

With the continuous evolution of urban living, the need for sustainable and efficient transportation solutions has also risen. Electric bikes have emerged as a popular choice for urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts alike. They’re agile, convenient, user-friendly, budget-efficient, and have no harmful effects on the environment.

Electric bikes have been gaining widespread popularity across the globe, and for a good reason. These ingenious machines combine the convenience of a traditional bicycle with the power of an electric motor, offering riders an extra boost to conquer challenging city terrains. The rise of e-bikes has reshaped urban commuting and recreational biking, transforming our daily journeys into eco-friendly and efficient experiences.

With all these plus points it is obvious why the e-bikes are so much in demand. Therefore, different brand manufacturers continue to provide the market with latest and innovative designs equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 Folding E-Bike Review

Addmotor FOLDTAN M160 Folding Electric Bike Review
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Among these top-notch electric bikes options, I tested the Addmotor’s latest inclusion, the FOLDTAN M-160. With the FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike, Addmotor has manufactured an electric bike that embodies a complete blend of convenience, style, and performance.

AddMotor FOLDTAN M160 Different Colors
Different Colors of FOLDTAN M-160 Electric Bike

From its foldable design that adapts to urban living to its powerful motor and extended range that fuels off-road adventures, the FOLDTAN M-160 e-bike is going to set a new standard for electric bikes in the city.

1. Sleek Design and Foldability

The first impression of the FOLDTAN M-160 is its sleek and modern design that would receive equal points for aesthetics and functionality. The AddMotor M-160 electric bike features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that exudes durability while being easy to fold and carry. By providing a perfect balance of strength and weight, this folding e-bike ensures a smooth and comfortable ride through city streets or rugged terrains alike.

Design and Foldability of MOTAN M160 Electric Bike

The most impressive feature of FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike is foldable design that sets it apart from traditional electric bike frames. With a few simple steps, the e-bike can be folded into a compact and portable package, making it ideal for urban dwellers with limited storage space or the need to combine public transportation with cycling.

You can easily take a bus for quick reach and then pedal your way to your destination with FOLDTAN M-160 folding e-bike at your service. The folding mechanism of the M-160 electric bike is intuitive and quick, enabling riders to effortlessly fold the bike into a compact size to carry with ease.

2. Powerful Motor and Extended Range

When it comes to electric bike performance, the FOLDTAN M-160 e-bike boasts a powerful Bafang 750W brushless hub-motor, designed to deliver impressive torque and acceleration. The motor on the M-160 provides electric assistance that propels riders forward with ease, conquering inclines and flat terrains easily.

So, whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on thrilling adventures, the motor of FOLDTAN M-160 electric bike has enough power to ensure that you arrive at your destination without getting too tired.

Addmotor Motan M160 Electric Bike Groupset
Addmotor Motan M160 Electric Bike Groupset

The motor can reach a top speed of 20mph with ease. Moreover, the torque sensor on the M-160 made the riding a breeze as there was smooth acceleration power with pedaling. Therefore, the Addmotor M-160 electric bike is the ideal option for urban commuting to reach your destination on time.

To power the robust motor, a high-capacity 48V*20Ah lithium-ion internal tube battery is attached, offering an extended range of up to 100 miles on a single charge. With this impressive range, riders can be ready to explore the city and beyond without worrying about running out of power.

Addmotor Motan M160 Electric Bike Battery
MOTAN M160 Battery

The battery is conveniently integrated into the bike frame, enhancing its aesthetics while providing practicality. I liked this built-in integrated design, as the battery stays safe from dust, water, and other external factors which will add to its safety and reliability for long term usage.

3. Efficient Braking System and Safety

Safety is paramount for every ride, and the FOLDTAN M-160 excels in this department. The M-160 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes to provide reliable and precise stopping power.

Addmotor Motan M160 Electric Bike Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Addmotor M160 E-Bike Hydraulic Disc Brakes

By having hydraulic disc brakes the riders can confidently navigate through traffic and busy intersections with peace or mind. I would prefer having the hydraulic disc brakes over the mechanical braking system because it gives me a sense of calmness that the brakes are strong and reliable.

Moreover, the AddMotor M-160 also has the motor cutoff sensor feature that further enhances safety. By automatically disengaging the motor when the brakes are applied, the Addmotor M-160 electric bike provides an extra layer of control and safety for the rider.

Addmotor Motan M160 E-Bike Rear Light
Rear Lights of Addmotor FOLDTAN M160 E-Bike

Addmotor Foldtan M-160 electric bike also has safety EB 2.0 head and rear lights to drive at night. With the help of front and rear lights and turning signals you can continue to enjoy your journey even in the dark.

4. Comfortable Riding Experience

The FOLDTAN M-160 offers a comfortable and customizable riding experience, thanks to its preload adjustable front suspension fork. Riders can fine-tune the suspension to suit their preferred riding style and specific terrain conditions, absorbing shocks and vibrations to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Addmotor Motan M160 Electric Bike Front Suspension Fork
Front Suspension Fork of Motan M160 E-Bike

The 4-inch MTB fat tires of Foldtan M160 also allow you to travel on different types of terrains and provide solid grip and traction over various types of surfaces. The ergonomic U-shaped handlebar caught my attention during my first spin as it further enhanced the comfort, allowing for a natural hand position and reduced strain on the wrists during longer rides.

Addmotor Motan M160 E-Bike Handlebar
MOTAN M160 Handlebar

With its adjustable saddle and handlebar height, the bike accommodates riders of various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for all. Moreover, the frame is a step-through design that allows the M-160 to be suitable for riders of every age.

5. Pedal Assist Levels and Intuitive Display

Addmotor Motan M160 Electric Bike LCD Display
LCD Display of Addmotor Motan M160 E-Bike

The bike’s intuitive EB 2.0 LCD display keeps riders informed with essential ride data, including speed, distance, battery level, and pedal assist level. The display is easily accessible and designed to be user-friendly, allowing riders to focus on the road while staying informed.

In addition, the Addmotor FOLDTAN M-160 has 7 pedal assist modes. By navigating through different assist levels you can determine which ones suit your terrain and can change it accordingly when you need more or less assistance from the motor. By having the option of various assist levels, you can also enjoy good exercise while getting to your destination.

What I Like?

  • Comes with most of the Addmotor EB 2.0 Electric System
  • Has front suspension fork with travel of 100mm
  • Features a high capacity built-in battery (960Wh)
  • Plus powerful 750W motor

What I Don’t Like?

  • The battery is not UL-recognized
  • More expensive than FOLDTAN M-140 model

Final Thoughts about Addmotor FOLDTAN M160 Folding E-Bike

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist looking to elevate your riding experience or a beginner seeking a reliable and feature-packed electric bike, the Foldtan M-160 is undoubtedly worth considering. The folding e-bike offers an unparalleled level of safety, control, and comfort, making it suitable for various riding adventures, from daily commuting to thrilling off-road excursions.

With its top-notch components and a blend of innovation and practicality, this Addmotor FOLDTAN M160 electric bike has the capability to win over everyone.

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