Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike Review

There is no doubt that electric trikes represent a remarkable fusion of traditional three-wheel mobility with cutting-edge electric propulsion technology.

Over the past few years, Addmotor has introduced various types of electric tricycles for adults to meet the needs and preferences of different riders. Addmotor Grandtan Turbo is the highest specification option on the electric trikes market.

Whether it be the robust mid-drive motor or the ever-efficient differential feature, the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric trike is definitely worth the price. The trike features a convenient step-through frame with a wooden footrest to offer an unmatched riding experience. Have a look at AddMotor Grandtan Turbo E-Trike specifications as well as detailed review of all features.

AddMotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike Specifications Overview

Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike Review
FeatureAddmotor Grandtan Turbo
MotorBafang 48V*1000W mid-drive Motor, 160 Nm
ControllerAddmotor 25A Controller
ThrottleHalf Twist Throttle with Switch
BatteryAddmotor 48V*20Ah with 3200 Cells Battery Pack, Charging Time 10 Hours, Rated For 1,000-1,500 Charge Cycles.
Headlight and TaillightPowered by Main Battery and Controlled by Uneven Buttons
Integrated WiringWater-Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness
Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
Rotors180mm Front & Rear Rotors
Chain PullerShimano 7 Speeds
SaddleAddmotor Exclusive Well Padded Comfortable Saddle with Backrest
Front ForkOil Spring Fork with 80mm of Travel
ChainKMC Rust Resistant Chain
HandlebarBlack Aluminum, 630mm Wide, Sweep Back
Seat PostAluminum 270mm x 31.8mm
Charger48V*20Ah 5 Pins US Standard DC Charger
DisplayBafang LCD display with USB Port
BrakesTektro Mechanical Disc Brake with Motor Cutoff Sensor
Tires24″ x 4.0″ Front & 20″ x 4.0″ Rear Fat Tires
PedalsWellgo Aluminum with Reflectors
Rear RackDetachable Aluminum rear basket (100lbs of Max Payload)
Specifications Summary
Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike

Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike Specifications

  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Motor: Bafang 48V*1000W
  • Battery: Addmotor 48V*20Ah
  • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Mileage: : 85+ miles
  • Top Speed: : 20 mph

Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike Features Review

Whether you need a commuting option or an off-road warrior, the powerful Grandtan Turbo e-trike won’t let you down. Let’s deep dive into the detailed review of Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike features.

1. Design and Build Quality of Grandtan Turbo E-Trike

Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike boasts a robust and ergonomic design that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. The Grandtan Turbo 1000W electric trike is available in 3 different colors including Army Green, Starry Blue, and Neptune Blue.

Featuring a low step-through frame design, the Grandtan Turbo electric trike is quite handy for senior people and allows convenient mounting and dismounting. This makes the Grandtan Turbo electric trike an ideal option for people of all ages.

Whether you’re an elderly facing mobility issues or someone with back issues or recovering from injury, the Grandtan Turbo electric trike is suitable for everyone.

Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric trike is made to stand out and offer a seamless riding experience for urban dweller’s everyday routine. The build quality is quite sturdy and feels strong.

Moreover, the design is durable and can withstand continuous use on paved roads or uneven surfaces alike. The components used on this electric trike are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure durability and strength. This not only enhances the lifespan of electric trike but also impacts positively on the riding experience.

2. Handlebar and Head Tube

Whether we talk about the ergonomic U-shaped handlebar or the CNC laser cutting head tube of the Grandtan Turbo, it embodies a sleek and elegant design frame. Therefore, with a stylish yet practical design, the trike turns heads while effortlessly navigating through various terrains.

3. Power Battery and Extended Range

Addmotor understands the importance of having powerful battery pack to deliver exceptional mileage to urban dwellers and the Grandtan Turbo delivers on that.

Grandtan Turbo three wheel electric trike is powered by a 48V*20Ah Addmotor UL-recognized battery pack to provide excellent options for daily commuters. The battery pack can provide up to 85+ range of miles per single charge, which is enough for commuting or cruising around town.

Moreover, the battery pack can be charged in 8-10 hours, so you can put it on charge a night before long ventures to ensure you’ve enough charge to cover maximum distance without any hassle.

The UL-certification means the battery pack is well-tested by a third-party battery testing company and is safe to use. The Samsung battery pack is also rated for 1000-1500 charge cycles.

So, if you take proper care of charging and storing this battery, it will stay just fine for many years. Additionally, while for off-road trips and long journeys, you can keep an eye on the remaining battery through the 5-inch display on the handle, this will keep you informed of how much battery is left.

4. Speed and Acceleration

With a top speed of 20mph and throttle on demand, the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo is a class 2 electric trike. The motor is powerful enough and provides good torque and acceleration to take trike riders from one place to the other and save time. Grandtan Turbo electric trike is quite agile and with enhanced handling, tackling the traffic congestion is quite easy.

To provide smooth acceleration and enhance torque power seamlessly, it is fitted with a Shimano Tourney TY 300 7-speed rear derailleur. This powerful mountain bike derailleur also helps with the smooth shifting of gears and supports the electric trike to ride it conveniently over paved roads and uneven surfaces alike.

5. Riding Modes of Addmotor Grandtan Turbo E-Trike

The electric trikes were introduced to provide a stable and convenient mode of transportation for everyone. To make your ride easier and comfortable, Grandtan Turbo electric trike offers pedal assist and throttle to cater to every situation.

5.1. Pedal Assist Mode of Grandtan Turbo E-Trike

The pedal assist mode has different levels which can be controlled using the uneven button on the handlebars. With these various Pedal Assist System (PAS) levels, the trike rider can control the output of his motor. If the terrain is tough and the rider is tired, he can shift to a higher level of pedal assist and let the motor assist him better and vice versa.

Moreover, by using the torque sensor with the pedal-assist mode, Addmotor Grandtan electric trike also allows the battery to be used efficiently and save power. As the electric trike with torque sensor only generates signals to the motor when you pedal, allowing the motor to take care of your motor and the battery’s efficiency.

5.2. Throttle Mode of Addmotor Turbo

The throttle mode, on the other hand, doesn’t require pedaling. It can be engaged using the half-twist throttle on the handlebars. With the throttle mode, the rider doesn’t need to pedal and can ride the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric bike like a moped or motorbike using the motor.

6. Comfort and Convenience

Addmotor has prioritized rider comfort with the Grandtan Turbo’s ergonomic design and features. The Addmotor Grandtan Turbo e-trike features a padded and adjustable seat with a backrest to ensure a comfortable posture during extended rides.

It is also equipped with well-padded seat cushions which allows rider for a comfortable and pleasing riding experience. The height of the seat post and the backrest can be adjusted according to your sitting posture. The frame design also has a wooden footrest in the middle of the trike’s frame that allows you to sit upright while engaging in throttle mode.

Moreover, the U-shaped handlebar is also ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and convenience for the rider. The U-shaped handlebar allows for a more natural hand position without putting too much strain on longer journeys. The handlebar is also adjustable and can be adjusted and rotated according to the rider’s height and sitting posture.

7. User-Friendly Controls and Display

Navigating the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly controls on the handlebars. The intuitive buttons allow riders to easily adjust speed, lighting system, and engage various riding modes.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone new to electric mobility, the trike’s controls ensure a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

The Grandtan Turbo also provides a Bafang 5-inch LCD display. The display provides insight information of your electric trike to keep you up-to-date and in control while riding.

The display includes a range of important data including a speedometer, odometer, battery life, PAS mode, distance traveled, and more. The 5″ screen has multi-functional parameters and includes a USB charging port as well.

8. Versatility and Stability

AddMotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike is designed to cater to a diverse audience. Its stability and ease of use makes it an ideal choice for seniors and individuals with limited mobility.

Simultaneously, its powerful performance and contemporary design appeal to younger riders seeking an environmental friendly alternative to traditional vehicles. In this way, it provides riders with an efficient mode of transportation that is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and fun to ride.

The placement of the motor in the middle of the frame also adds to the stability of this electric trike. Moreover, the low step-through frame design increases the center of gravity and makes it well-balanced and suitable for everyone.

9. Fat Tires and Suspension System of Grandtan Turbo

Addmotor Grandtan Turbo is an all-terrain electric trike. And to provide solid grip and traction on different surfaces, it uses the Kenda GIGAS 24″ inch front and 20″ rear fat tires.

With the wider profiles and increased air volumes, the fat tires provide an effective cushioning effect, absorbing vibrations and shocks from the road. So, in the end, the ride is comfortable and contributes to a more stable and controlled ride on various surfaces including sand, snow, mud, grass, and hills.

To make the ride even more pleasant on difficult terrains, the Grandtan Turbo electric trike utilizes the Oil Spring Fork with 80mm of Travel that smooths out the road ahead, delivering a luxurious and enjoyable ride. The spring fork can be adjusted with a pre-load to ensure the amount of stability you need.

10. Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Safety Features

Safety is paramount in any mode of transportation, and the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric trike doesn’t disappoint. The Trike is equipped with high-quality Triplet Tektro mechanical disc brakes that provide strong and accurate stopping power, even in wet or slippery conditions.

With such responsive brakes, the trike ensures optimal control in various situations. The inclusion of a lighting system that includes headlight, taillight, turning signals, safety light, and hazard light ensures visibility during both day and night rides, contributing to a safer riding experience. Also read review of best MTB hydraulic disc brakes.

Significant Upgrades of Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Tricycle

Building upon the legacy of Grand Turbo Electric Trike predecessors, it promises not only an upgraded riding experience but also a more sustainable and efficient way to navigate the urban landscape. Let’s delve into the significant upgrades that makes the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Tricycle a true game-changer.

1. 1000W Mid Drive Motor

The upgraded 1000W mid-drive motor on the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo represents a significant improvement over the 750W motor found in the previous Grandtan series electric trike models.

With a higher wattage, the 1000W mid-drive motor delivers more power to propel the Grandtan Turbo electric tricycle forward. With this increased power the trike can provide improved uphill climbs, effortless acceleration, and higher top speeds.

Riders will experience a noticeable boost in performance, especially when tackling challenging terrain or carrying heavy loads. The 1000W mid-drive motor generates higher torque levels, which translates into enhanced acceleration and better handling.

The increased torque output enables the E-trike to effortlessly navigate steep inclines and conquer uneven surfaces. Riders will enjoy a smoother and more responsive ride, regardless of the terrain they encounter.

2. Differential of Grandtan Turbo E-Trike

One of the standout and most impressive features in this upgraded version of fat tire electric trike is the inclusion of a differential. With this, the trike can distribute power evenly to both rear wheels, which improves handling and stability. As a result, the tires can rotate on their own which improves tackling corners and turns with ease.

Without a differential, the power would be sent to only one wheel, which can result in uneven traction and handling, especially when navigating turns or uneven surfaces. So, the differential provides the required optimum traction and control for the Grandtan Turbo, enhancing riding experience no matter where you are on the road.

3. Parking Brakes

The addition of parking brakes to the Grandtan Turbo electric trike is designed to significantly enhance and contribute to a safer and more convenient riding experience. Firstly, the enhanced parking brakes will ensure that the electric trike remains securely parked, even on inclined surfaces.

Moreover, this feature will prevent accidental rolling or movement when the trike is stationary, minimizing the risk of accidents or damage. Whether you need to park on a steep hill or uneven terrain, the upgraded parking brakes offer a reliable and dependable solution to keep your trike in place.

Furthermore, the improved parking brakes make it easier for riders to dismount and safely exit the trike without worrying about it rolling away.

Conclusion of Addmotor Grandtan Turbo E-Trike Review

The Addmotor Grandtan Turbo is definitely an impressive upgrade to the popular Grandtan series. With its differential, powerful mid-drive motor, parking brakes, and focus on rider comfort, and various features, it promises an enjoyable and smooth riding experience for every type of rider.

So, it doesn’t matter what kind of rider you’re, you certainly can’t go wrong with this impressive electric trike option.

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