Are Giro Helmets Good Quality? [Truth Revealed]

There is nothing to doubt about the Giro helmets, as they existed even before helmets were officially mandatory to wear. Since then, they have evolved a lot in the hustle to achieve the prime and the finest quality.

They are still today dominating the market after so many years of their foundation and setting a higher benchmark in the industry. But why would you believe us?

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Let me show you some solid proof to make you admit these claims!

Have a look;

Are Giro Helmets Good or Not? – Solid Evidence-based Discussion

Here are the pointers that will serve as evidence to make you understand why Giro helmets are good. And they are the same pointers that work well in favor of the Giro helmet and make it a best-selling brand.

1. Brain Protection System (BPS)

Imagine getting your hard-earned money on a helmet that can’t protect your brain well because of being stuffed with foam only, having no researched design to reduce the impact.

Isn’t it the same as cycling without a helmet?

Well, this is not the case with the Giro Helmets, as they have spent a lot on research and development and made their helmets effective. They reduce the overall impact on your brain during an accident and save you from a head injury.

All this became possible when they equipped the helmets with a Multi Directional Impact protection system (MIPS). The best thing about MIPS is that it reduces rotational impact, which is the most important consideration during an accident.

It works as an added layer of protection along with the foam lining and polycarbonate shell. Not only this, spherical technology that is a ball and socket design also works well as a BPS and comes to your rescue during a crash.

You can’t even imagine a helmet with the BPS of MIPS, and Spherical technology would let you have a head injury. Even if you crashed too badly, still the head injury won’t be much severe as the helmet would reduce a lot of impacts.

This point is enough to prove whether Giro helmets are good quality or not, but there is a lot more to discuss yet!

2. Comfortable Wear

Giro helmets are made up of quality material yet feature a relatively lightweight design. You will find it easy to carry along and won’t complain about the weight on your head.

Cutting a long story short, the weight of the helmet won’t put you in distress and ensure a comfortable experience. But this is not enough to make the journey entirely comfortable; this is why it features 10+ vents for better airflow. Even on a hot sunny day, your head won’t be full of sweat but escapes through the vents with an airflow.

This breathability feature speaks volumes about its Comfortability, as your head will remain cool and dry throughout the ride. Moreover, the Rocloc Airfit system also contributes to Comfortability by adjusting the helmet perfectly to fit as per your head size and shape.

3. Aerodynamic design

Giro helmets do not come in handy only to protect you from head injuries but also aid in riding against the wind without reducing the speed.

The aerodynamic design of the Giro helmet deflects the wind flow and lets you speed up the bike irrespective of the wind flow resistance. It becomes more useful when you ride the bike by bending down towards the handlebar.

4. Protective Outer shell

Most of the helmets feature polycarbonate outer shells, and the Giro offers the same. But the difference comes in the toughness of both.

Giro is well-known for offering a tough polycarbonate outer shell to keep you safe during an accident by absorbing the impacts.

The downside of the Giro Helmet

There is not only all good to talk about the Giro Helmets, and there are a few downsides as well that you should be aware of. The helmet’s straps are relatively bulkier, which many customers hate the most. But still, they have not worked to fix it.

Other than that, the good Giro helmets do not cost less than $50, hence can be bought by everyone. Although the features and brand justify the price, it still turns out as a limitation for many pockets.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Giro helmets are good and worth every penny you would spend on them, as they are equipped with advanced BPS, ensuring a safe and secure ride, giving a comfortable feel, features a better airflow, and are lighter in weight. You will never regret your decision to get one for yourself!

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