Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet Review

I suggest the Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet to every person who wants to experience mountain riding as well as BMX riders who ride with full face shields. Bell Sanction Helmet manufacturer it to be the lightest of all, just less than two pounds. It is inbuilt with a sturdy ABS plastic shell and CPSC-compliant that has the ability to receive the shock from spicy and challenging mountainous ridings.

Bell sanction full-face helmet is available in seven distinct colors that give a youthful feeling in its conspicuous matte black and red, and graphic designs which are inbuilt from the top to the back of the helmet. Undoubtedly, this modish sporty design happens to give the look of most modern bicycles.

Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet Overview

Specifications Summary
Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet Image

Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet Specifications

  • Outer Material: Polycarbonate
  • Inner Material: ABS shell construction
  • Certificate: CPSC
  • Other Specifications: Removable/ washable liner, Plastic buckle system
  • Weight: 1.87 lbs.
  • Vents: 15

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Helmet Features Review

Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet Review

A helmet is a must whenever you desire to ride on challenging mountains or highway roads and trails. Additionally, it is extra crucial when you wish to jump on your bike because you may not believe when you will fall on your jump.

Therefore, the Bell Sanction Mountain Bike Helmet is a lightweight full face helmet that gives warmth and safety for dirt jumping and probably from BMX riding. It features an ABS hard plastic shell and a small adjustable visor. The helmet weighs approx. 850 grams and has 15 vents to keep the head chill and breezed on summer days.

Level of Comfort with Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Helmet

Firstly, talking about the comfort it provides, testers including me are pleased with it, because it appears to be less in weight and construction is fantastic for the price it offers. Its internal padding and the material it is covered in is thick and comfy compared to other helmets that feel soft and cozy.

A more breathable mesh can give it more warmth; however, this cannot be a reason to ignore Bell helmets with this in mind. It even provides good comfort in the chin guard, which remains on the chin and makes the helmet stable throughout the ride.

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Weight of Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet

Surprisingly, Bell is inbuilt to be the lightest helmet of all. Its large size helmet weighs about 34 ounces on a digital scale. Riders make demands as they prioritize their body over everything because it makes a big difference in how they feel after riding continuously or for a very long time.

Therefore, helmet company Bell has taken hold of an exceptional combination of technology to decrease the weight of its top-level riding helmet by 21 percent. It happens to be the best full-face helmet with less weight that is much versatile to be worn by both males and females.

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Ventilation System of Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet

Ventilation is as important as weight, and the Bell has proved itself in this too. This helmet consists of 15 small in size vents in its shell. These openings are followed by corresponding holes in the polystyrene liner and open-cell padding, providing a direct exit path for hot air.

Bell Sanction Helmet also has tiny tubes molded inside the polystyrene liner for moving air from the head and top. These channels are well inbuilt compared to those found on more expensive covers, and we can say that we noticed them moving much air while riding, and it was the best experience with it. Consequently, the Sanction receives a good score for ventilation than those of other helmets, and that its lid is plushier padded, and more protective.

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Final Thoughts about Bell Sanction Helmet

Thus, Bell helmet brand has been working in this industry for more than 60 years and undoubtedly has made a name for itself in the market. Its customers are greatly satisfied and are given more preference to the headgear in terms of comfort to an exceptional extent. Therefore, keeping in mind your precious time, after writing a review, I recommend you should spend your money on the most comfortable and lightest helmet.

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