Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet Review

Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet happens to be a top-level adaptable helmet that truly delivers supreme performance and experience to its users. The top of the helmet is light in weight with an extraordinary extent of breathability and versatility service.

Bell Super Air R helmet with removable chin bar for those bikers and cyclists who need to spice up the acceleration to have big climbs and the desire to get that enliven downhill. In half-shell mode, the Bell Super Air R MIPS helmet appears to be a regular and consistent exclusive mountain and hills bike helmet.

At the pinnacle of the hill, fasten the chin bar on and experience the entire face shield and a phenomenal light and breezy feel the whole riding.

Bell Super Air R MIPS Convertible Helmet Overview

Specifications Summary
Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet Image

Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet Specifications

  • Best For: Mountain Biking
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • Ventilation: 30 vents
  • Other Specifications: X-STATIC Padding And Wraparound Chin Bar, Camera Mount Integrated, Removable chin bar

Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet Features Review

Where should I begin? Perhaps, Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet is not the best option for bike lot days or great free-ride descents. However, it is undoubtedly an exceptional choice for trail riders and cyclists who love climbing mountains and hills OR for those doing downhill rides on challenging and dangerous trails.

Bell Super Air R Full Face Helmet Review

It appeared to be cheaper to me, but I believe it has eyeteeth value provided the condition of the design and the bonus that you are getting two helmets in one, surprised, right? Plus, I have recently found out that this Super Air R MIPS is a new innovation to the Bell group and it acquires most of its traits from the Bell Super DH MIPS helmet that have also been tested.

Weight of Bell Super Air R Helmet

The other differences include weight and air-conditioning which happened to astound me. The enhanced ventilation and low weight are well-defined strengths and the versatility is extraordinary. While it carries some remarkable safety certifications, it doesn’t feel as hardy as dedicated full-face headpieces that weigh nearly twice as much.

Bell Super Air R Helmet Comfort Level

The Bell Super Air R is a convenient helmet. It is well-ventilated in either full-face or half-shell modes, and surprisingly, there is no pressure or press points on your head; therefore, it’s full of protection. It appears to be a regular trail helmet I use. Because, in the experience with half-shell mode, the helmet is extremely light and well-ventilated.

Just when the rear float dial is set to the proper tension, there will be no pressure points and the retention band would automatically disperse the pressure constantly and appropriately around the head and prevent aches. The closing band or buckle is comfortable against the chin and jaw.

One oddity I felt is that the helmet doesn’t rest deep on your head. It seems like the helmet is resting somewhat on the upper portion of your head rather than your head feeling inside the helmet. However, we won’t charge this fact as all heads are differentiated in shapes and sizes. What might be accurate is that for an individual head may not be the state for another. Nothing affects the enjoyment of the Bell Super Air R helmet, adjustment is related to comfort so it is worth buying.

I’m astonished at how pleasant it is to have a remarkably comfortable helmet that gives you the best feeling in full-face mode. The visibility for eyes to see everything in the line is dealt exceptionally with and without goggles. There is no stress on the cheeks and jaws, and it feels amazingly light in weight.

The vagary point I mentioned above does not truly exist in full-face mode since it generally appears to be more secure and protected. Groups with especially declared jaws may have a slight bit of touch with the inside of the chin bar if the helmet is somewhat hopping about on the trace and tracks.

This isn’t bothersome, I guarantee you! Although, the chin bar is notably narrower to the face compared to the opponent. I had less than an inch from the top of my lips to the inside of the chin bar.

If you’re living in USA, be aware of bike helmet laws in every state

Ventilation of Bell Super Air R Helmet

Ventilation in the Bell Super Air R Full Face Helmet is another phenomenal addition. It is adequately airy and allows splendid airflow in above-average and half-shell mode ventilation in full-face mode. This helmet consists of plenty of large vent ports, and there are approximately 22 well-ventilated points including front ports in half-shell.

Its lid is as breezy as each trail helmet on the store. That is mixed in the extraordinary lightweight, and I have my pleasingly great and well-ventilated headpiece. Yet it is also best in summers on the hottest rides, we found it amazing to breathe pretty properly.

Watch a video review of Bell Super Air R Helmet

Final Words about Bell Super Air R Full Face Helmet

The Bell Super Air R helmet is two headpieces in one, a high-quality helmet that boasts a high level of comfort and well-ventilation, and a right call for riders and cyclists who value versatility. Riders who love to spice their way up to striking and challenging downhill’s and enduro riders would love this top of all lid. Hence, it’s considered as one of the best helmet for enduro rides!

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