Bell Super DH Convertible MTB Helmet Review

Bell Convertible helmets have already made their name in mountain biking, but Super DH is their first product that earned the ASTM F1952-15 downhill safety standard certification in full-face mode. The helmet offers maximum comfort and excellent performance in both full-face and half-shell applications and is, therefore, our ultimate winner for versatility in all convertible options.

Bell Super DH Mountain Bike Helmet Feature Image
Bell Super DH Mountain Bike Helmet Feature Image

Super DH is a convertible helmet that goes from a full-face to half-shell with just a few ratchets and clicks. The unique design idea is devised with the needs of enduro riders in mind who love to keep one helmet for climbing and to descend.

Also, this BMX and Downhill convertible helmet are ideal for riding single track and bike park. Here, in this Bell Super DH review, all its features are discussed in detail so that you can have an idea of what it actually offers.

Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet Features Overview

Specifications Summary
Bell Super DH MIPS Bike Helmet

Bell Super DH MIPS Bike Helmet Specifications

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs.
  • Ventilation: 25 vents
  • Shell Material: MIPS Spherical Technology
  • Closure System: Fidlock Magnetic Lock Closure
  • Other Specifications: Camera Mount, Convertible/Removable Chinbar

Bell Super DH Helmet Protection During Recent Crash

Recently my friend and downhill rides partner Neala Griffin had a crash during a downhill mountain bike ride and here is her review about the Bell Super DH Helmet!

Condition of Bell super DH helmet after crash 2

I went over the bars on some steep jank, hurt my thumbnail, hopped back on and almost immediately went back over the bars a second time – this time I landed directly on my face. I walked away with some bruises on my legs and that’s it. I’m always surprised that more people don’t wear full faced helmets! Glad, I dropped the cash on my Bell Super DH helmet because it protected my head and face without a single scratch!

Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet Features Detailed Review

Protection Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet Offers

The prime function of the helmet is to provide protection, and therefore I’m excited to tell you the level of protection it offers. Bell Super DH with ASTM F1952-15 certification for downhill safety standards is undoubtedly among the top few convertible helmets. In addition to ASTM certification, it holds the safety certification by CPEC Bicycle, ASTM F2032-15, and CE EN1078.

Condition of Bell super DH helmet after crash 1

To achieve the highest level of protection, this helmet is equipped with some best professional-grade materials and technologies. The most standout part of the helmet is MIPS technology. Unlike regular MIPS protection protocols, they have used a unique MIPS step-up system. This spherical technology powered by MIPS features a ball and socket design allowing the outer shell to rotate freely along with the inner liner during a crash.

The smoother rotation lets you get the optimum protection level. Additionally, the thin yet high-density foam liner effectively directs the impact forces away from the brain and promises 100% safety of the rider even in severe accidents. The only issue we experienced was the lighter feel. The spherical foam liners add a lighter feel to the helmet, which might be a bit problematic for the riders who are used to a heavier helmet feel. Otherwise, it is a great choice for quick park laps and single-track rides.

Review of Comfort Level Bell Super DH Helmet provides

Bell Super DH Convertible MTB Helmet (Matte/Gloss Color)

Comfort is another critical feature of any helmet, and the unnerving feeling of the helmet can simply ruin your day. Bell Super DH offers an impressive comfort level along with the best protection. The helmet is designed with the rider’s comfort in mind, and therefore we found this helmet well-settled and highly comfortable in both full-face and half-shell mode.

As we know, the comfort of a helmet highly depends upon the perfection of fit it offers. The helmet comes with a retention dial at the back. In half-shell mode, when you tighten the retention dial, it creates a pressure point, but it doesn’t feel like it in the beginning. However, it exerts inward pressure after some time, leading to tenderness and discomfort. Plus, a slightly overtightened retention dial can cause crippling issues.

Although these issues exist, their impact is minor and can be easily tackled. On longer rides, the pressure points become noticeable, and to deal with this issue; you can release a bit of tension in the dial. However, you should not sacrifice the helmet fit in any way. It is advised not to under-tight retention dial and keep the tension at a maximum bearable level.

In full-face mode, I didn’t experience such issues. The helmet already feels highly secure, eliminating the need to tighten the tension dial. However, some users may feel it is a bit loose, so they have the option to adjust the retention dial without giving up their comfort. The overall feel of the helmet is super comfortable, and I didn’t notice any squeeze points. Also, the super DH padding is soft and cozy.

It doesn’t chafe with the rider’s head, and despite being considerably thick, it is barely noticeable on the longer rides. Finally, I really enjoyed the cushy and soft cheek padding. Pads are pretty easy to take off, and you can easily replace and wash them once they get dirty. Also, you will get an extra set of pads.

Bell Super DH Helmet Visor Review

Bell Super DH Helmet Visor

The visor length is ideal in full-face mode, but it feels a bit flaky in half-shell mode. The highly adjustable visor adjustment makes it quite user-friendly. The two bolts along on the temple lest pivot up and down. However, it lacks the center support point, and there it feels a bit flimsy.

Weight of Bell Super DH Helmet

Bell Super DH doesn’t offer the leathery feel, but it is not heavier either. It falls somewhere in the middle if we compare it with its convertible counterparts. The helmet weighs 880 games in full-face mode, and the chin bar weighs around 400 grams.

It is lighter than Switchblade MIPS because of the spherical MIPS technology. It uses for padding instead of liner sheet, making it considerably light. In half-shell mode, it weighs 480 grams and is a bit heavier than Latt DBX 3.0.

Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet Ventilation System Review

Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet Ventilation System

Super DH is one of the lightest and coolest helmets I’ve tried in the past few years. The spherical MIPS technology adds a lighter feel, resulting in impressive cooling. The ventilation is adequate in both half-shell and full-face mode-thanks to impressive vents and port mechanism. If we talk about half-shell mode, you get 19 vents in total, along with two brow ports.

The vents and ports are not bigger in size, and therefore airflow is not much impressive. However, The light feel of the helmet counterbalances this issue, and it never feels hot or clammy. The vents and post quickly let the air out and add an overall breathable feel to the helmet.

The overbrow protection works well in full-face mode. It allows air to enter the forehead and flow back to the skull, resulting in the best temperature regulation. The helmet also feels very breathable even when you put a chin bar on it. The mesh-free vents on the chin bar make it pretty easy to breathe and ensure maximum airflow.

So in the full-face mode for the mesh-free vent in the chin bar makes your down trail riding highly breathable and untiring. The moisture-wicking property of the foam padding makes it even cooler and breathable, allowing you to spend long hours on the saddle in the summers.

Construction Quality of Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet

The helmet’s durability is another concern since Bell Super DH isn’t a cheap option. The outer shell is hard and tough and resists wear and scratches. Also, the industrial-grade liners, chain bar pads, and closure straps are durable and last longer than your expectations.

Bell Super DH Helmet Construction Video Review

Bell Super DH Closure And Conversion System Review

Bell Super DH features an amazing Fidlock magnetic closure system. Unlike regular bucks and strap closure systems, it takes pride in magnetic closure and button lock to keep the straps locked in place.

However, the chin strap is quite long, and you may need to cut it extra length. In order to avoid fraying, use a sharp scissor while shortening the strap length. The conversion is also pretty easy, even with gloves on your hands.

Watch Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bell Super DH good?

Yes, Bell Super DH is among the best convertible helmets since it holds ASTM F1952-15 downhill safety standard certification. The helmet offers an impressive level of comfort and protection in both Half-shell and full-face applications.

How long does a Bell helmet last?

Bell recommends you replace your mountain bike helmet every three years. However, it depends upon the working condition of the helmet, and you may need a replacement or repair before three years. Also, you can contact Bell consumer support for further information about the helmet condition and replacement.

Can you wash helmet liners in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash the removable pads and liners of the helmet in the washing machine. The best way to clean the liners and pads is to wash them with lukewarm water and light detergent or shampoo in the washing machine. It is advised to keep your machine at hand-wash or gentle settings.

Final Verdict of Bell Super DH Helmet

Bell Super DH is an incredible convertible helmet with everything that an enduro rider can expect. The removable chin bar with highly breathable construction makes it one of the most comfortable and coolest helmets in full-face mode.

Also, the unique MIPS spherical technology, plenty of safety features, and effortless convertible design help it stand out as one of the best convertible helmets. I hope this Bell Super DH review will help you find your perfect match.

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