Bike Helmet vs Skate Helmet: Essential Facts and Comparison

It is a well-established fact that helmets of all kinds are made for giving you protection and safety. You will be amazed to learn that you will be saved from a brain injury up to 51% of the time in the event of a traumatic accident if you are wearing a suitable helmet.

You may face considerable confusion choosing when it comes to bike helmets vs skate helmets because many people view them as similar and can be used interchangeably. However, there are some fundamental differences between these types of helmets.

bike helmet vs skate helmet
Featured Image: Bike Helmet vs Skate Helmet

Suppose you are curious about the distinctive and differentiating features of the bike helmet and skate helmet. In that case, there are no worries because we have compiled this short comparative guide for you based on our twenty years of experience with different types of helmets.

Bike Helmet vs Skate Helmet Comparison

I have gathered the data from scientific investigations and reviews of other regular users. Therefore, please continue reading as we share critical information regarding bike helmets and skate helmets in a comparative analysis. Here we go!

Brief Account about Bicycle Helmet vs Skate Helmet

The manufacturers of both bike helmets and skate helmets have made them with the common goal of the protection and safety of the sportsman riding different types of bikes and skateboards, respectively. That is why it is prevalent to think they can be used interchangeably.

However, you should always know that injury caused by the skateboard falling and mountain biking can be substantially different. This clarifies why you need the particular type of helmets for both sports. We are now able to define the distinctive features and differences of both bike helmets and skate helmets.

Major Differences Between Bike Helmet and Skate Helmet

The main difference between skate helmet and bike helmet is that skate helmets are made for withstanding multiple impacts resulting from the accidental situation. At the same time, bike helmets are made with such a design that they can withstand a single impact appearing as a result of the accidental case.

In addition, there is foamy padding inside the bike helmets to impart comfort to the bike rider. The purpose of the foamy padding is not only comfort but also to cause a considerable compression in the impact caused by an accident.

This difference is based on the fact that bikers are not expected to face many accidental situations. At the same time, skateboarders apply many tricks to encounter falling. The following section covers the significant differences between both types of helmets.

Bike Helmets Specifications

bike helmet vs skate helmet

Bike Helmets Specification

1. Capacity for withstanding impacts

Bike helmets have the capacity for withstanding single impacts.

2. Equipped with comfortable padding

These helmets are made with comfortable foaming pads that are washable and removable. The purpose of these paddings is to give you comfort and protection if your head gets hit during unfortunate situations. To be simpler, the foam is embedded for impact compression.

3. Innovative aerodynamic design

Bike helmets come with highly innovative aerodynamic designs. That is why they will be reducing the impact of the noise and wind as you are riding on the different terrains. With this feature, it will be possible for you to focus more on riding.

4. Better ventilation system

The bike helmet manufacturers are mindful of the importance of ventilation for the bike rides, especially if they are riding on warmer days. That is why they are made with a better system for ventilation. There are multiple exhaust ports in the frontal and rear position to ensure full-head ventilation.

5. Helmet Safety Certifications

It is very integral to check the safety certification of a bike helmet that you will purchase, especially when you are for a mountain biking helmet. There are different certifications, but the most important one is Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Bike helmets passing the safety requirements of this certification are acceptable for use.

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Skate Helmets Specifications

girl skating and wearing a helmet
Skate Helmets Specifications

1. More Durable

Skate helmets are pretty different as compared to bike helmets because they are made for withstanding multiple impacts. The manufacturers make them by keeping the more significant number of crashes and falling incidents in mind.

2. Designed while focusing rear part

Skating helmets are often made with a design focused on covering the rear part of the skateboarder’s head. This is done deliberately because there are more chances of the skateboarders falling backward while playing different tricks and trying other moves.

3. Physical Appearance of skateboard helmets

In terms of physical appearance, skateboarding helmets are considerably more stylish and come in different colors. At the same time, the bike helmets are typically made with heavy-duty material with the typical mountain biker’s logos and styles.

Skateboarding helmets are usually plain on the inside. However, some top brands make the bike helmets with internal foaming to impart more comfort and impact compression.

Another significant difference while discussing bike helmet vs skate helmet is that skate helmets should comply with the standards of ASTM F1492. Therefore, while purchasing these skate helmets, you should always look for the certification for safety so that your head remains safe even in case of accidental situations.

FAQs about Bike vs Skate Helmet

Should you use bike helmet vs skate helmet interchangeably?

Based on the results of the different scientific studies and different bike helmet designs, and skate helmets, you should never use these helmets interchangeably. The reason is they have different withstanding power towards impact and injury-causing accidents. Skate helmets are made for withstanding multiple but smaller impacts that may arise from falling on crashing. While bike accidents are more severe and can cause death, they are made with the designs to withstand a single but more significant impact.

Which helmet has the better ventilation system between a bike helmet and a skate helmet?

When it comes to adequate airflow and ventilation, bike helmets are highly breathable to opt for. The manufacturers also design them with multiple exhaust pores in the front and rear parts because they know that bikers have to move fast, and they seem to sweat more than skateboarders due to high speed. That is why bike helmets’ ventilation systems and breathability are always better than skate helmets.

Which factors influence the general quality of the helmets?

When you purchase the best helmet, no matter which type it is, you need to be mindful of certain factors that influence the quality of the helmet. These pre-purchase considerations include weight, the material used for construction, impact resistance and withstanding power, breathability, sizing, and type of padding used in the internal compartment.

Wrapping Up Bike helmet vs Skate helmet Comparison

Helmets are a must when it comes to biking or skateboarding because they are your best friends when it comes to safety and protection from unfortunate circumstances. After reading this short comparative blog post on the bike helmet vs skate helmet, we hope you will now be clear about the significant differences between these two types of helmets. Therefore, whenever you purchase the best helmet, you need to be very careful about the purpose for which you will use it.

We will be looking forward to your valuable suggestions, thoughts, and experiences regarding these two essential types of helmets. Therefore, don’t forget to share them in the comments section. Thank you for reading this comparative guide till the end, and keep coming back for more relevant and informative reviews and blogs!

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