Bkool vs Zwift: Which Training Platform is Better in 2023?

What if I tell you that I have a hack to have outdoor exercise experience at home without investing much time and effort? As virtual reality is becoming popular, we have two popular platforms for indoor cycling exercise, Bkool and Zwift.

These are the platforms for bringing the charms of outdoor training at home where you can have the same experience without running in UV rays light, carbonated air, and dusted environment. But the majority of people often compare Bkool vs Zwift and ask which is the best to use!

In my opinion, labeling one as the best and the second as better is more like being judgmental. Therefore, whenever someone asks, “Is Bkool better than Zwift?” or “Should I get a Zwift subscription or purchase Bkool plans?” I present facts in front of them about both platforms. So, join me in this 10 minute journey in a quest for the best.

Bkool vs Zwift – Detailed Comparison

Bkool vs Zwift: Which Training Platform is Better?

The tale is simple when I started my cycling career, it was stunning to know; there are a few platforms for indoor exercise. In the days of Covid, I learned that if you limit your passion within the boundaries of your home, you can prevent not only Covid but also polluted air, dust, and UV rays. Well, I did the same and went to explore the world of virtual cycling. As I went closer to the details, it was revealed that there are multiple platforms in the virtual universe.

Here starts my quest for the best, I purchased Bkool and then used Zwift. Certainly, there are differences, but these variations make one better than the other. Bkool had limited routes while Zwift provided me with multiple worlds for cycling. Whereas Bkool has the option to create its own routes for running or cycling but Zwift lacks this option. These and thousands of other facts were revealed to me and then I chose a life partner for training.

It is not appropriate to label Bkool as an individual-centered platform and Zwift as a platform for society. Both of these platforms have their own specifications and provide their best. Before we dive deeper and deeper, I want to inform you, this comparison is based on facts, opinions of experts, and my personal experiences. I will present facts and you will choose your future cycling training platform. Here we go in detail!

The Flexible and Simple Platform: Bkool

The first platform on my docket when I started my career as a professional cyclist was the Bkool. The platform is preferred because of its simplicity and advanced features. The first major feature of the Bkool is that it does not consume your time, once you start training, it will never show you irrelevant options. Second, it is highly simple, in more appropriate words it is a “touch and operation” platform.

Bkool Indoor Training App Bike

The Spanish application which was launched in 2010 was not popular at that time. But daily progress and additional features made it one of the best exercising and training platforms. Moving on further, it is based on animated simulations, which means, you see the animated character of yourself and the opponents in a virtual world. Here comes the interesting point, you can choose the opponents or can go for the social groups online.

AI-Powered Functionality

Bkool Training App AI-Powered Functionality Features

The AI-powered opponents are there, basically, the system is based on advanced artificial intelligence. When someone starts using it, it learns the tactics of the user and sends generated opponents with similar capabilities. Let’s say you are a cyclist and using Bkool for training. When you start visiting the platform, it will learn the way you pedal, and your maximum speed, or stamina. After playing twice or thrice, it will send more capable opponents.

That is because the platform is designed to increase your ability to face challenges and unlock hidden stamina. When you face the challenge and compete with similar or sometimes more powerful opponents, your stamina will boost, your energy will go to the next level and you will become undefeatable. The AI is also responsible for creating the plans for training. Answer me, would you like to follow someone who knows more about you than yourself or the will inside one’s heart?

Training Plans

The wise ones will follow someone who has better analysis ability and knows more about you. Bkool is the same, its AI-powered system knows more about you that’s why it provides a pre-made plan for training. For instance, I spend most of my time in the office. When I get home, my stamina diminishes and I want to skip training. To prevent this guilt of unfollowing rules I run the cycle for 20 minutes.

But Bkool insisted that I follow a daily plan made by AI after analyzing my progress. It asked me to run the cycle for at least 40 minutes and then 45 to an hour. Plus, there were other instructions to boost stamina and increase power in your thighs. Anyhow, these major features insisted I keep myself engaged in the Bkool for a considerable duration. Here are other advance and additional features.

What’s special Bkool has to offer as compared to Zwift?

What’s special Bkool has to offer as compared to Zwift

1. Compatibility with Training Bikes

When it comes to special features, I often mention the compatibility of Bkool with different types of bike trainers. You can attach any kind of training bike whether you have a spin bike or you like to run the Smart Trainers. It is also compatible with unique design cycles, bike power meters, or the original bikes with long stands.

2. Routes Customization of Bkool

Bkool is famous for its customization features, choosing the bike to select a particular world is normal and the dress of biker or cycle properties are a bit higher level customizations it offers. But the platform gives you the power to create your own routes and world for cycling. That is why I prefer it over other platforms.

3. Bkool Graphic Quality

Once you click on the “start” button, a virtual world comes on the screen. When I saw it for the first time, it was hard to call it virtual because the animations seemed more original. Bkool offers 3D worlds with top-quality graphics and real weather conditions.

4. Detailed Analysis of a Ride

If a training platform does not show the improvement chart, it is a game, not a training platform. I like Bkool because it provides A to Z details about progress, speed, routes, stamina, and everything possible. With the help of deep analysis, you can learn more about one’s self and understand how much time you need to achieve your ideal self.

5. Dedicated Trainers to Guide

As you subscribe to a plan of Bkool, it will allocate a trainer to you. The trainer will guide you all about the improvements, show you how to recover from damage, and train you to become the next champion.

The Treadmill and Cycling Master: The Zwift

Like Bkool, Zwift is another virtual world for training. Nowadays, purchasing a Zwift subscription is a famous trend. People often ask, “Is it worth using a platform?”. In my opinion, yes, it is more than one can imagine about the training.

While using the Bkool, I wanted to change my training routine and plans. But Bkool offers pre-made exercise plans so it was hard to carry on with Bkool. So, I shifted to Zwift and it gave me a new perspective on indoor cycling.

1. Graphics Quality of Zwift

The major difference between Zwift and Bkool, the earlier one offers realistic graphics and more customization with sophisticated other features. Zwift is a masterpiece of the virtual cycling world, it is more powerful and offers a list of feathers that its competitors cannot deliver. Well, as you click on the icon of Zwift or open its page, the journey for a healthy body begins there. It shows you top-quality animations for training.

Graphics Quality of Zwift

Basically, you just see the legs or the head of self-animation while other opponents’ entire bodies are visible. Anyhow, the 3D sceneries come on the screen while you are pedaling the cycle. These captivating sceneries provide a soothing experience to your eyes and encourage you to run the cycle more than usual. Actually, it creates a psychological effect of inciting individuals to increase the duration of a particular action by providing a more suitable environment.

It was difficult to believe that my duration for training increased from 30 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes. Because of long training hours, I came up with more stamina and when I ran the cycle on the road, my opponents were stunned to see my lightning speed. Then comes Swift’s customization features. Unlike Bkool, Zwift has a social platform. Bkool provides you with a trainer but here you can choose your own trainer according to your wish.

2. Customization Settings of Zwift

As well, you can choose a virtual world where you invite your friends to cycle. The platform allows you to upgrade the cycle, dressing, garage, and cycle’s color. Anyhow, the wide range of options is worth discussing but the platform is designed to offer its users that they can personalize their Zwift page and settings. You may also want to read a comparison of Zwift vs Rouvy.

How is Zwift different from other training platforms?

How is Zwift different from other training platforms

I know you are about to ask this question because these are the same features that almost every training platform offers. But the specialty is not in these features but in going deeper into the properties. Here are a few advanced properties explained below:

Avatar Customization

You can choose the face, weight, dress, and even the body size of the avatar in the Zwift. Definitely, it will affect the performance of Avatar as the platform is AI-based.

Social Groups

Another difference between Bkool and Zwift is that the latter provides bigger social groups allowing you to meet people from different countries and regions.


Zwift often held championships, tournaments, and races of users. This means, if you are training for a bigger championship, you can get involved in the races held by Zwift and analyze the performance.

Also read a detailed comparison of Sufferfest vs Zwift to choose right one according to your needs.

Bkool vs Zwift: A Quick Differences Guide

Bkool vs Zwift: A Quick Differences Guide

I hope now you have got an idea about both platform, so let’s get into the quick difference between Bkool and Zwift, the battle ground where Bkool and Zwift compete each.

Routes and Graphics of Bkool vs Zwift

It is hard for me to be judgmental because Bkool has some features which I prefer and Zwift has next-level graphics which I admire most. Anyway, Bkool provides you with more than 50,000 places for running your treadmill or cycle but the Zwift offers real maps of London, New York, Watapia, and major cities. In terms of the number of places, Bkool wins, but for graphics quality, Zwift should lift the cup.

Joining Races and Networking of Bkool vs Zwift

On the other hand, Zwift offers its users to join races while its competitor Bkool does not offer the racing feature. It not only makes the training charmless but the user feels like he is in a rat trap. The same goes with networking, it allows you to connect with a bigger audience while Bkool has networking options but does not support a wide range of people.

Take a look at more differences and mark which one suits your personality.

Significant Features of Zwift

  • Zwift offers to personalize the training plans.
  • Zwift is compatible with iOS, android, windows, and Mac.
  • Zwift offers to connect larger communities.
  • Zwift provides real maps of the major cities.
  • Zwift delivers incredible graphics and you need 5mbs speed of the internet to run it.
  • Zwift is a bit expensive.

Significant Features of Bkool

  • Bkool offers pre-made training plans.
  • Bkool is compatible with Apple TV, iOS, android, windows, and Mac.
  • Bkool is individual-centered and connects with the community but not at a larger level.
  • Bkool provides more than 50,000 maps and you can create your own routes.
  • Bkool has normal graphics, you can run it on slow internet.
  • Bkool is cheaper than Zwift.

Beginning with the same question, which one is the best and the second is better? In my opinion, it depends on many factors such as pricing, internet quality, and so on. If you have a good budget and fast internet, you should consider Zwift, otherwise, Bkool is the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the Bkool trainer?

Bkool is considered the most accurate trainer, it offers within 5% of the real power.

Is the Bkool app free?

No, it is not free, one must purchase the subscription.

Concluding Zwift and Bkool Comparison

If you ask me, I will say nothing because I believe both Bkool and Zwift are mind-blowing platforms for training. I use both and have no priorities because one has something which the other does not deliver. Anyhow, you can choose one according to your requirements. I have discussed all major and minor differences. I hope this guide helps you, thank you!

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