Demon United Podium Helmet Review

Protective gear for mountain biking is of absolute importance. If you are a budget enthusiast and looking for something that can help you with a stable and safe ride, this Demon United Podium helmet is great value for money.

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It is designed for riders who demand protection for their mountain riding and it can help them in achieving comfort and stability. Another thing that makes it famous among riders is its contemporary design that helps you in making a statement while riding. It is primarily designed for downhill rides with complete certifications and protection mechanisms.

I absolutely love the fact that it comes in different striking colors. It further includes a number of adjustments that help you on the way, making it convenient and customizable. If you want to know more about this, proceed further to this Demon Podium Helmet review.

About the Demon United Manufacturers

Demon United, with a motto ‘Early Grave since 99’, was founded in 1999 and ever since has gained popularity over the years for its high-end designs and protective gears. The brand has specialized in ski and snowboard gear with an increasing inclination towards biking and sports equipment.

In addition, the manufacturers have designed bike helmets, and biking equipment with safety and protection ensured. On the whole, it is a big name in the industry for its reliability and credibility.

Specifications Summary
Demon United Podium Full Face Helmet

Demon United Podium Helmet Specifications

  • Inner Material: Thermal Alloy polycarbonate shell & EPS Foaming
  • Vents: 13
  • Certificate: CPSC
  • Other Specifications: Removable/ washable liner, Plastic buckle system

Demon United Podium Helmet Features Review

Design and Fit of Demon United Podium Helmet

The first thing you will notice in this helmet is that it looks stylish and contemporary, which immediately makes it a statement piece while you are riding. It is designed with a molded injection polycarbonate shell that is highly sturdy and can take impact quite well. So, you don’t have to worry about resisting impact when it comes to rotary forces. The design further incorporates EPS foaming, having a thick and dense liner that contributes to the overall comfort and impact resistance.

Another thing that makes it quite interesting is it is not completely round or oval but seems a bit spherical and truly suits your face. In the USA, it is also known as a round oval shape that comfortably sits on the head and doesn’t bother the users with adjustments.

However, adjustments accompanied by the buckle system are designed for anyone who would want to customize the overall fit. It also comes in five different sizes, from which you can opt for the one that suits your head size ideally.

Demon Podium Helmet Breathability and Ventilation

For this price, I absolutely love the fact that manufacturers have added 13 different ventilation spaces that prevent sweating and overheating, keeping the rider calm and composed throughout the day.

For this purpose, the holes are placed in ideal locations such as above the brows that help you in removing any chances of fog and providing you a clear field of vision. This demon podium full-face ventilation system can also accommodate sunglasses, making it an impressive alternative to invest in.

Safety and Certification of Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet

While buying any helmet, it is of paramount importance that your helmet provides you with sufficient protection and safety. Here, this Demon helmet is designed as per the US CPSC standards that provide you with absolute security. However, the only downside I felt throughout the ride was that the chin bar feels a bit stiff that can make it somehow difficult for riders. You should also keep in consideration that it is only designed for mountain biking and not for motor vehicles such as e-scooters or hoverboards.

Similarly, it comes with a locking mechanism that helps you with sufficient safety. Furthermore, the sturdy molded-injection shell and dense cushioning truly absorb any impact caused by potential accidents. If you are most likely to use your mountain bike for downhill riding, it is a great way to make the journey comfortable and safe. Yet, it does not include the MIPS production system that I somehow felt was a weakness of this helmet.

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Comfort and Ease while Wearing Demon Podium Helmet

Similarly, another fact that makes it one of the best full face helmets across the market is that it provides you with sufficient comfort and ease throughout the ride. For this, it only weighs 2.05 pounds that is extremely lightweight for a mountain bike that makes it easy to control and use.

I also really like the fit cheek pads that add to this comfort and prevent your cheeks from hurting, considering this as a sensitive area of your face. The narrow fit and adjustable buckle system will help you in customizing it as per your needs.

Riding Impressions

All in all, you will find this helmet stable and responsive throughout the day. The highlight of his helmet is its ability to provide you with the needed comfort. It comes with a full enclosure that protects your entire face from impact yet can also accommodate glasses within.

If you are looking for something with Intermediate protection, I would highly recommend you go for this Demon United Podium helmet. However, it is not designed for professionals, considering it does not include any advanced safety mechanism.

What I Like?

  • It looks stylish and contemporary.
  • Great value for money.
  • It is certified by CPSC, providing you with needed protection and safety.
  • It comes in different colors and sizes to choose from.
  • Offers great stability throughout the ride.
  • Includes an efficient ventilation system that helps to prevent fogging and provides you with a clear field of vision.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Not certified for downhill riding.
  • NeedIt is not certified by Dots.
  • No MIPS or advanced protection mechanism included.
  • Visors are not replaceable.
  • Chin bar could be improved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Podium full face helmet from Demon a MIPS helmet?

The company itself has come with many alternatives that have MIPS Technology. However, this respective version does not have this feature because of its low price range. Also, as manufacturers have claimed that this helmet is designed for riders with intermediate skills, anyone using this most probably won’t need MIPS or any other advanced protection system. For this purpose, the polycarbonate shell and sturdy yet dense cushioning can help you in making this helmet safe and secure.

Does the Demon Podium helmet have audio pockets?

If you are wondering whether this Podium helmet contains an audio pocket to help you in accommodating your drop-in speakers, the answer is no; it does not have this luxury. Considering its value and features, it is understandable why the manufacturers have not included the audio pockets. On the whole, it is a budget-friendly product that is designed to help you with safety, comfort, and style. If you want to add speakers, you can just attach them with some glue.

Does the Demon Podium helmet feel stiff and small?

No, this helmet does not feel stiff and small. Although there were some complaints about the fit, you will have to consider that it does not have a regular round or oval shape; rather, it comes with a spherical fit. So, people with small heads will find it difficult to wrap around their faces. For this purpose, I would recommend you to use a one-size bigger helmet or the buckle system that will help you customize the overall fit.

Should I Go For Demon United Podium Helmet?

In the end, I would say that it all depends on your individual needs and budget allocation. Considering the importance of protective gear for bikers, it is extremely important for riders to invest in a quality helmet. If you are someone with basic or intermediate mountain biking skills and want something effective to help you with safety and security, I would undoubtedly recommend you go for this Demon United helmet. However, it would be different for professionals.

When it comes to performance, you will find it stable and comfortable throughout the ride. It is designed with a polycarbonate shell and washable lining that makes it absolutely safe and comfortable, not to mention breathable.

Everything included possess credibility, be it the ventilation system or the visor, adjustable buckle system, and even the colors. I really appreciate the manufacturer’s intent to include different sizes and colors to help riders with customizations.

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