Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands? – Detailed Guide

Just imagine you have completed your trip to the mountains and you look for the kickstand to position the bike upright. But you realize there is no bike kickstand! So I bet now you’re probably interested in learning if mountain bikes have kickstands. Let’s take a closer look.

Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands? – Quick Answer and Reasons

Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstand
Featured Image: Do Mountain Bikes Have Kickstands?

The answer is no. The majority of mountain bikes don’t have kickstands. However, it depends on the type of mountain bike, of course. The kickstand might be present on some bikes, particularly cheaper versions and if the bicycle is designed for young riders, a kickstand might be present. Nonetheless, the kickstands are absent in higher-end adult mountain bikes.

Reasons why higher-end MTBs don’t have kickstands

Reasons why higher-end MTBs don’t have kickstands
Infographic: Reasons why higher-end MTBs don’t have kickstands

1. Kickstands add weight to bikes

Mountain bikes are supposed to be lightweight. Any part that could make the MTB heavier is therefore considered unnecessary. A kickstand only adds weight to your bike and makes traveling to your destination more challenging, particularly if you’re climbing a mountain.

2. Can be dangerous if crash

In the wilderness, if you are cycling on rocky terrain. Something could easily become entangled in your kickstand. The clear ground is crucial when riding a mountain bike. However, the kickstand is easily entangled in pebbles or other objects leading to personal injury.

3. Kickstands lack stability

Having a kickstand increases your chance of your bike toppling over because they aren’t always the most reliable way to support your bike. They don’t keep the bike precisely balanced because of their placement close to the back of the machine. The bike can fall to the ground if it is bumped. Furthermore, some riders do not want to run the danger of having their bicycle fall over and suffer frame, paint, or MTB derailleur damage.

4. Kickstand raise the cost of mountain bike

Some bicycle manufacturers opt not to include a kickstand in order to save money, though this is not the truth for every model. On a mountain bike that costs $500 or more, what is an extra $3 part?

Also, the high-end MTB riders frequently concentrate on spending more money on premium parts. They are also concerned with keeping the bikes’ weight to a minimum. Removing a part that most bike riders never use is the simplest approach to reduce costs and weight.

5. Add unnecessary complexity to MTB

Since the majority of mountain bike companies focus on producing parts of the highest quality, the kickstand is viewed as an additional expense. Since bikes with built-in kickstands often have more parts than they need, they may be less reliable or have a clunkier ride. There are several methods to stand your bike without a kickstand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the major drawback of adding a kickstand to MTB?

Kickstands add weight to the bike and if it gets stuck in something while you’re riding, it could hurt you.

Does a kickstand make your vehicle costly?

A kickstand can only add weight to your MTB that is worth $1,000. Additionally, they are generally not safe.

Should I equip my mountain bike with a kickstand?

Because of the uneven ground, a kickstand might easily result in accidents. However, a kickstand is necessary if you ride a mountain bike to go to school or work or just for fun around town. In addition, if there are no motorcycle racks available, it will be handy when parking your vehicle.

Final Thoughts About MTBs With No Kickstand

Although a kickstand is not necessary for a mountain bike, there may be circumstances in which you require one. These are just a few reasons, such as keeping your bike for a long time or preserving it. A mountain bike’s benefit is that it can be modified quite a bit. If you would like, you can either add or remove a kickstand. It’s okay to customize your bike to your tastes, so get a kickstand if you desire one.

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