Fox Racing Powersports PROFRAME Helmet Review

It feels great to have a helmet that meets all your needs, however the problem arises when you are unable to find one of your standards. But with the Fox Racing helmet you are likely to find all the qualities that you are looking for. This helmet offers easy breathability and it is downhill certified. What adds more to its appeal is the fact that it is made with the concept of a modern enduro racer helmet and to cope well with hard trails.

It is an excellent choice for enduro bike racers, but what is even more exciting is that it can be a great option for anyone and everyone who are just looking for a perfect, well ventilated and comfortable helmet.

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Fox Racing Powersports PROFRAME Helmet Overview

Specifications Summary
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Fox Racing Powersports PROFRAME Helmet Specifications

  • Best For: Mountain Biking
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • Ventilation: 24 vents

You can smoothly climb and descend with this helmet on as the large vents make sure that you do not feel any pressure on your face and provide you with good ventilation. Another quality of Fox Racing Powersports Proframe Helmet is that it does not make you feel like you are entrap or feel suffocated.

In fact, quite the opposite you will not feel distracted with these thoughts when you will wear it, and you will know the reason once you proceed further with Fox Racing Powersport Proframe Helmet Features review.

Fox Racing Powersports PROFRAME Helmet Features Review

1. MIPS Protection System of Fox Racing Powersport Helmet

This specific feature helps in reducing rotational motion generally caused by outer forces. It makes sure that your brain is protected while providing maximum comfort to your head. Also there are different pads so you can adjust the helmet according to your required fit.

2. Fox Racing PROFRAME Helmet Breathable Liner System

The Proframe Helmet has a chinbar which is downhill certified. The amazing breathable liner system is its worth defining feature as it is known for absorbing the moisture really fast so that the visor will not be foggy. Also it has some anti-microbial properties which keeps you protected from any microbes in your surrounding environment.

3. Proper Ventilation of Fox Racing Powersport Helmet

It has 15 big bore vents and 9 exhaust vents to provide you with proper ventilation and keeps the inside cool and breathable, whereas it also makes sure that the moisture is well sorted and not misting up the goggles.

4. Securely Fixed Visor

This visor assures functioning of proper airflow into the big bore vents. It means that you can have a perfect grip on your helmet without having to worry about your safety.

5. Fidlock Helmet Buckle

The fidlock snap helmet buckle got you all covered up because it helps you get easy and secure entry while the exit is just as smooth when wearing gloves. It is fully secured and keeps you secure as well. So this means that you can rely on Proframe no matter what the situation demands.

6. Varizorb EPS Liner

The dual density varizorb EPS liner has its own unique function which is to keep your face protected and smooth out the coming forces and harsh impacts that can be harmful for you. It is to be noted that this helmet is a great option for hot weather-pedaling and for riders looking for a wild ride.

What I Like?

  • Proper ventilation keeps you cool and provides you with easy breathability.
  • Breathable liner system prevents the visor from getting foggy.

What I Don’t Like?

  • It has minimal brow padding which can be uneasy for some riders.
  • It is designed for use with bicycles only, and not approved for motorbikes.

Watch a Detailed Video Review of Fox Racing Proframe Helmet

Final Thoughts about Fox Proframe Powersport Helmet

The Fox Proframe Powersport is a leading helmet in the market. This helmet has everything that a mountain biker looks for in their head safety. This sentence ultimately tells us what amazing features it withholds. It has MIPS technology and a dual density EPS liner, they both are a sign of reliable and durable helmet. Moreover, it has a super light shell with a fully integrated chin bar, this supports your chin and also does not make you feel trapped or claustrophobic, not even for a moment.

The Fox Racing Proframe helmet has 15 big bore vents and 9 exhaust vents which is a disciplined way to keep the airflow going not only that but also it provides you with good breathability, and it is the reason why you feel this unexplainable comfort when you are climbing or descending.

Last but not the least, its fixed design helps you to carry on with your ride without having to stop or remove the chin bar. The Proframe MTB Helmet might not be the best but it will surely be up to your standards and you can never go wrong with this helmet.

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