Giro Chronicle MIPS Bike Helmet Review

Being a cyclist, I once encountered a severe accident. Although time has gone by, I realized the value of a good quality, comfortable and secure helmet on your head while riding. With my practical experience, I would like to introduce you to the Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet. This provided me with confidence, comfort, safety protection, and not.

Giro Chronicle MIPS Adult Helmet Featured Image
Giro Chronicle MIPS Adult Helmet Featured Image

Since I have used this helmet so I can review it in a very genuine way. If you are a rider like me, keep in mind to read all the details mentioned below as they will help you in the long run in your riding or cycling profession. I have tried my best to cover all the details I knew and experienced so you could learn everything without skipping a single feature.

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet Overview

Specifications Summary
 Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet Specifications

  • Best For: Cycling
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs.
  • Ventilation: 14 vents
  • Other Specifications: MIPS Equipped, Goggle Compatible, Roc Loc 5 fit system

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet Features Review

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet

Construction of Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet is constructed robust and sturdy without compromising quality. The outer of the helmet consists of two-piece shells that join together and result in the ultimate hardness and toughness of the helmet’s exterior. This construction ensures that in case you come across an accident, your head stays safe.

Moreover, construction quality makes the helmet highly durable that will serve you in the long run.

Bell Chronicle Bike Helmet Adjustability

This Helmet also ensures proper adjustability on your head without making you feel tight or loose. This feature enhances the helmet’s stability and helps you handle it comfortably and confidently.

Moreover, this adjustability ensures that the helmet can easily be fixed on every head, no matter what size and shape of the head you have. This means you can reliably buy this helmet irrespective of being male or female.

MIPS And Protection of Bell Chronicle MIPS Helmet

This is the top most feature that is present in this helmet. It is renowned for the presence of MIPS technology in it, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This system works by increasing the protection by keeping the external forces away from your head. This is done by absorbing and minimizing the rotational forces from the surroundings.

Furthermore, with the presence of the Roc Loc Sport Fit System, the fitting and locking of the helmet are made more accessible and convenient to do.


Giro Chronicle helmet is highly affordable, but it does not mean that it lacks quality and safety. Because of being low in price, this product is top-rated among cyclists and many professional riders. Although it provides you with all the necessary specifications, you need in your helmet that can make it expensive but know this product is very affordable and will not disturb your budget and break your bank in any way.

You may be surprised to know that in some states of United States, you can get fined for not wearing a helmet while bike riding. Read bike helmet laws for each state in USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MIPS helmets more giant?

Yes, if you compare MIPS helmets with other general and standard bike helmets, then you will get to know that helmets are slightly more extensive and more significant than others. They are undoubtedly extensively made but consist of the latest technologies that help reduce the risks of accidents by providing additional safety and security to the rider. Moreover, it also helps the cyclist or rider to ride throughout long ways confidently.

How often should I replace my bike helmet?

Replacing your helmet is entirely your choice and depends on maintaining it. Many professionals and riders recommend replacing the helmets every 5 to 10 years. In this way, your helmet would be in good condition throughout your use and will serve you with consistently efficient protection.

How long do Giro Helmets last?

Giro helmets are constructed in quality construction and are designed to serve you for a longer time. It consists of the latest technologies that add to your protection throughout the riding. It has been observed that these Giro Helmets last around four to five years if used correctly and maintained adequately.

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Conclusion of Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet

This is another top-notch helmet under the list of Giro Helmets. These Giro Helmets consist of MIPS technology that ensures proper safety and security. This specific Giro Chronicle Mips Helmet is light in weight and is constructed strongly to make sure it lasts longer than other helmets.

If you are a rider who loves to ride on long routes, then it is designed specifically for you to ensure enough comfort and safety throughout the riding. Make sure you have understood all of the descriptions mentioned above so that you can select the helmet more reliably and confidently.

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