How Can I Park My Bike Without A Kickstand? Techniques and Alternatives

Most of the bikes manufactured in recent years lack a bike kickstand. The companies think it is not necessary for the bikes to have a kickstand for standing tall and upright. The bikers on the other hand also complained that it disrupts the flow of the rides and gets in the way while pedaling.

But some people like me still wonder how can I park my bike without a kickstand? The answer to this question is given in the article below. Stick around till the end to get a hold of all the techniques and the alternates of a kickstand.

How Can I Park My Bike Without A Kickstand?

How Can I Park My Bike Without A Kickstand
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What is a Bike Kickstand?

A bike’s kickstand is an essential tool that helps you keep the bike in a stable position without any external support. Over the years, all the bikes came with a kickstand but now we rarely see them. The new bikes manufactured by the companies do not have a kickstand but you always have an option to add it to your bike.

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A kickstand is made with a combination of aluminum and steel so it can bear the weight of the entire frame.

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4 Techniques to Stand Up A Bike Without A Kickstand

There are several techniques that can help you park your bike without a kickstand. These techniques are very easy to follow and do not damage the frame of the bike. The kickstand tends to provide support and stability and keeps the chain away from the ground. But it can also disrupt the flow during the rides.

4 Techniques to Stand Up A Bike Without A Kickstand
4 Techniques to Stand Up a Bike Without a Kickstand

Using these techniques can prove that kickstand is now an extra accessory that has no importance to the bikers.

1. Parking a Bike Using a Stick

The first technique that can be used to park your bike without a kickstand is using a stick. You can easily look for a stick or carry it along during rides down the street. The stick should almost be 10 to 12 inches long and should be strong enough to provide support.

How Can I Park My Bike Without A Kickstand - Parking a Bike Using a Stick
Parking a Bike Using a Stick

Place the stick between the rear swing arm and the disk so that the bike can stand upright just like it does with a kickstand. If you do not want the stick to be visible you can place it behind the derailleur. Hence a strong 12-inch can serve the same way as a kickstand and that too for free.

2. Lean against a Tree or a Wall

The second and the most common technique is leaning the bike against a tree, wall, or pole. It is highly recommended for mountain bikes. I am sure all of you have tried this technique at some point in life. It is the most common way of standing the bike upright without damaging any of the parts.

How can I park bike without kickstand - Bike Standing with Tree
Bike Standing with Tree

When standing it against a pole or a tree, you have to use the handle, saddle, and the rear tire of the bike to make contact with them. If you fear any damage to the frame or the chainstay, you can just use the handle for support. This technique is very useful and makes sure there is no movement in the wheels when the bike is parked.

3. Lean On Other Bike

There is no need to worry if you plan on riding the bike with your friend down the street in the morning. Both the bikes can lean against each other and provide support to each other. Make them stand in the opposite direction and then lean them against each other.

Bike leaning on another bike
Bike leaning on another bike

The frame of the bikes are safe and do not cause damage to each other. Hence it is an easy technique that will help your bike to stand tall without a kickstand.

4. Lay On the Ground

The last technique on our list for parking the bike without a kickstand is to lay it on the ground. The only concern while using this method is that pedals might get damaged.

How Can I Park My Bike Without A Kickstand - Bike laying on the ground
Bike laying on the ground

Make sure the handle and the tire are the two parts that touch the ground and bear most of the bike’s weight. If done properly, I can guarantee that using this technique won’t even cause a single scratch or damage to the frame of your bike.

2 Bike Kickstand Alternatives

If your bike does not come with a kickstand or you yourself do not want one, there are alternates present that can be used for the same purpose. These alternatives might have different construction or structures but they serve the same purpose as the kickstands.

Let us discuss some of these similar bike accessories down below.

Bike Kickstand Alternatives

1. Click-Stand for Bike – Best Option for Touring Bikes

Click-stand is one of the great alternates for the kickstand and does the same job. Bike click-stand has attracted the bikers attention because of its portability and foldability. This can easily be carried around in your backpack and used whenever you want.

Click-Stand for Bike - Best Kickstand Alternate for Touring Bikes

Another great advantage of this amazing accessory is that it comes in two different sizes. A mini click-stand of 9.5mm and a maxi click-stand of 11mm. You can use any of these depending upon the weight and the stability you want when your bike is parked.

When we talk about appearance, a click-stand is very much similar to the tent pole and is ideal if you are planning a long adventurous trip into the mountains on your bike. It has a sturdy aluminum construction and the end is covered with rubber to maximize the grip when in contact with the ground. Hence a click-stand is a great alternate accessory that can facilitate the customers just like a bike kickstand.

Watch a video guide about Bike Click-stand Installation

2. Bike Upstand

Next, we have the upstand which is made with carbon-originated fibers. Upstand and the click-stand are very much similar but the only difference lies in the tubing system. It has a magnet that has to be attached to the metal flap on the bike.

Upstand is lightweight and can be attached or detached when you feel the purpose has been served. Hence both of these alternates are very useful and they can fulfill the purpose of a kickstand without disrupting the flow of bikers.

Watch a video guide about Bike Upstand Installation

FAQs about Standing a Bike without a Kickstand

What to do if your bike doesn’t have a kickstand?

You need not to worry if your bike lacks a kickstand. There are many other techniques that can be used to park your bike without a kickstand. You can also buy a kickstand separately and get it fixed on your bike as well.

Can I tie my bike to a tree?

No, you cannot tie your bike to a tree but you can lean it against it. With the help of a handle and the tire, you can gain support and stability just like a kickstand.

How do I park my road bike?

You can easily park your road bike by leaning it against a wall, tree, or pole. You can use the handle and the rear tire to form a connection with the surface and gain stability to stand upright.

Can I lock my bike anywhere?

Yes, you can lock your bike anywhere you want. Either in a street or outside your college, you have to lock your bike to avoid stealing. Bikes can easily be stolen as the risk is minimum and there is no way of tracking.

Wrapping Up Guide to Stand Up a Bike Without a Kickstand

Hence there are several techniques that can be used to park your bike without a kickstand. You might be aware of some that are mentioned in the article above. Two alternates for a typical bike kickstand are also mentioned if you do want to compromise on the stability that a kickstand provides. Hence, all the techniques and the alternates can be used to park your bike like a pro without using kickstand on a bike.

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