How to Paint a Bike Helmet? – Step by Step Guide

Creativity and customization can convert your old items into new ones. Similarly, if you are fed up with your old helmet and want to make it look more attractive then instead of buying the new one, you can customize it according to your choice by painting your bicycle helmet. To achieve the desired look, you have to buy the correct products.

How to Paint a Bike Helmet

While buying the paints for a helmet, the most important factor to consider is the compatibility of the paint and the shell of the helmet. If incompatibility arises, then there are chances that the material of the shell gets damaged which can be dangerous as safety is compromised while bicycling.

Steps to Paint a Bike Helmet

Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to paint a bicycle helmet. So stay tuned till the end to know everything about painting a bike helmet.

1. Sanding and Washing

The first and the most important step which is a key for long-lasting paint is sanding. Before painting the helmet, make sure that you use sandpaper in all the areas of the helmet including edges, corners, venting. Carefully sand those areas of helmets that are already painted as sanding on these areas can damage the plastic or fiberglass shell.

Plain Bike Helmet - how to paint a bike helmet

After plaining the helmet surface and making it ready to paint, the next step is to remove the dirt by hand washing the helmet. If the dust still remains on the helmet, get the rag which is very useful for removing the remaining dust from the helmet and making sure that the paint is applied to the helmet smoothly.

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2. Removing Parts of Helmet That Won’t Be Painted

After removing the dirt and planning the helmet areas, further, you need to remove the removable fittings of your helmet that won’t be painted including a shell with the masking tape and inner vent with paper or plastic. Ensure that you only expose those areas of your helmet that are going to be painted.

3. Draw a Design on Bike Helmet

painting a bike helmet

You can create the look of your helmet by your own choice by sketching designs on the helmet. By using stickers, tape, or stencils, you can create your own desired look for the helmet. Also by drawing black thin lines on white helmets or white lines on the black helmets will further enhance the look of your helmet and will make it more attractive.

4. Paint the Helmet

painting bike helmet

Now after you have taped up all the areas of your helmet, it is ready to paint. But before painting, you have to find a well-ventilated area and also place the newspaper. First, you have to apply the base layer and then add finishing touches, highlights, and shadows on it. If you are using a brush for applying paint, make sure that the second layer should be applied after drying the first layer.

If you choose spray paints, rather than using aerosol, do opt for an airbrush because it evenly applies paint on all the areas of the helmet. The second layer of paint takes about 4-5 hours to dry. Make sure that you do not apply paint on the masking tape or stickers. Plastic adhere paints can also be used for painting the helmet.

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5. Apply Clear Coat Paint

For safeguarding the paint and making it stay for a longer period of time, you have to apply 3-4 layers of clear coat. For better results, you have to shake it for 1 to 2 minutes approximately until the solvent and the clear coat mix well. Now apply the light coat of it on the helmet and cover all the parts of it. For further applications of this clear coat, you have to allow the previous layer to be dried fully.

FAQs about Painting Bike Helmet

What kind of paints should I use on my bike helmet?

For painting the helmet, mostly bikers use water-based acrylic paints. These paints can be used on all types of helmets that are safe and do not damage the shell of the helmet.

Can you spray paint the helmet?

Yes, you can use spray paints for painting the helmets. For creating a smooth look of your helmet, do use an airbrush instead of opting for the aerosols.

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Final Thoughts about Painting a Bike Helmet

You can customize your old helmet and convert it into the new one, most users paint their helmets to make them look more attractive. To achieve the desired look, you have to buy the correct products.

When buying the paint for a helmet, the most important factor to consider is the compatibility of the paint and the shell of the helmet. If incompatibility arises, then there are chances that the material of the shell gets damaged.

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