OutdoorGearsHub: How We Test and Review the Products

At OutdoorGearsHub, our first priority is to provide reviews of products which we hav first-hand experience with. So Alexandra created a testing lab where she and other Outdoor Gears Hub expert team members test products before recommending them.

We review bikes, helmets, tricycles, bikes components and accessories including MTB protective gear and bike racks etc. The sole purpose of OutdoorGearsHub is to create a single most trusted platform where cyclists and other outdoor activities enthusiasts find all the information they need to fully enjoy their outdoor activities.

OutdoorGearsHub – Lab Testing Members Experience

My lab testing team has cycling experts with over 20 years of experience in different cycling activities as well as they have worked for multiple multinational cycling manufacturing brands.

Meet the OutdoorGearsHub testers

German Santoya

The most recent addition to OutdoorGearsHub testing team members is German Santoya! He is a Professional Cyclist based out of Mexico & travels worldwide. German is from Colombia originally and biked all over the Caribbean Coast. Once he found success, he relocated to Mexico to pursue his Cycling career. Keep an eye out for some behind the scenes footage of his races and everyday training on our Social Media Accounts. Bienvenidos, German!

Tom Ritchey

Tom Ritchey - Pic during downhill mountain biking

Tom Ritchey is a downhill mountain biker and has been into mountain biking for the last 25 years. He is a professional MTB frame and protective gear designer and has worked with many well-known bike manufacturers. Currently, he is working at OutdoorGearsHub testing lab and testing the MTB gear to find the best one for OGH readers.

David Renninger

David Renninger, who has been extremely zealous about exploring different cycling gear on mostly Enduro terrains, leads him in writing detailed guides on several MTB gears. He has been using his professional MTB skills at OGH Testing Lab to ensure MTB enthusiasts get the best version.

How We Test Products at OutdoorGearsHub

1. We start with research in the most relevant forums and social media groups, and ask the experts about the best products according to their experience. Once data is collected for the almost 20 best products according to the experts, also the pros and cons of those products experienced by the users are further tested to have a practical approach.

2. Products are enlisted and a checklist is created, considering the highs and lows as well as the most necessary specifications and features. I review and finalize the checklist.

3. We Explore different marketplaces just like you visit there to purchase. Considering the necessary specifications and features, to purchase the best available products.

4. Our lab team tests the products inside the lab as well as in the field, as per the necessity.

For example. If we’re working on a helmet project, mountain biking testing team members test those helmets on the rough terrains as well as in the lab to check the durability and other significant features. To check durability in the lab, we put the helmets under heavy load to check the construction material quality and durability.

Full Face MTB Helmet Protection Test by Hydraulic Press

5. Once we go through all the above-mentioned processes, the lab testing team provides me with all the data in rough form in an excel sheet with a checklist and other additional features they found.

6. I thoroughly review all the information and finally start writing on finalized products for OutdoorGearsHub readers. Also, I give every product different tags according to their specifications and features.

Few Pics from OutdoorGearsHub Testing Lab

Ranking Tags for Reviewed Products

Some of the most common product ranking tags include the following:

Best Overall: As the name shows, the product which is the most perfect with almost all the necessary specifications and features win this tag.

Editor’s Choice: It is the one that is personally used by me for a long period and works the best for me.

Heavy Duty/Most Durable: The product which I found the most durable during the field as well as lab test wins the Most Durable OR Heavy-Duty Tag.

Budget Friendly: Considering the necessary specifications, the product with the lowest price achieves a Budget-friendly tag.

Premium Pick: The product which wins the tag ID premium pick is the one that is the best one available in the market with some additional features but with the highest price tag overall.

Get in Touch

If you are a professional cyclist OR other outdoor experts, we would like to hear your opinion about our reviews and information shared on OutdoorGearsHub. Also, if you have any suggestions about how we can improve our testing and reviewing process, feel free to contact us, email [email protected]

Visit our Testing Lab

We always welcome OGH regular readers to visit our testing lab at Waltham, Massachusetts but you need prior approval. After complete verification, you will get a visit invitation card which you need to show during visit. If you’re interested, email me at [email protected]!

Note for Manufacturers and Readers

We believe in transparency and sharing honest reviews to build a healthy and trustworthy platform for outdoor enthusiasts. All of our reviews are unbiased without any kind of third-party influence. We don’t accept free products to review in favor of any manufacturer. Every product goes through the same testing process.