Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet Review

Who does not want to modernize and upgrade their lifestyle? We all want that right. Lumos kickstart has open the doors to a modern and a smart helmet because it has some of the coolest features yet inspiring design which is the reason why many are attracted towards it. It is not just the design that looks appealing to the eyes but the modern features in it is more enthralling.

Helmets have become a basic need for most bike riders and it should be because incidents happens when you travel in traffic. A helmet should be able to protect you from harsh impacts and just be your safety guard when the situation demands. But you know what is unique about Lumos Kickstart Helmet is not only the functions to keep you safe but also it makes you visible to others with its LED lights so that vehicles are less likely to crash into you.

Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet Overview

Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet Review

Lumos Kickstart is not just an ordinary helmet, but the fact that Lumos has introduced some of the most captivating features in it makes it a really exceptional helmet. It is a perfect helmet for commuting and roadside cycling. Moreover its integrated LED lights helps you to travel in night time.

Kickstart smart helmet has proper ventilation, it offers a good fit and the inside is really comfortable. Kickstart is basically everything you would want in your bike commuting helmet. So, just go a little further down and find more about it. Lumas Kickstart helmet is highly recommended for road biking and commuting but it is not reliable for mountain bike rides. For MTB rides, you should wear full face bike helmet.

Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet Features Review

Integrated LED Lights of Lumos Kickstart Helmet

lumos kickstart helmet

Kickstart has proven its worth with its mind blowing LED lights that comes in four different colors, like white, red, and yellow. These LED lights has a very unique lighting pattern as they flash slowly and quickly in a rhythmic way to keep you visible from 360 degrees. These comes handy in dark times, especially when you are late from work and going back home. You can think of them as a smart tool fitted in your helmet to cope up with the daily life challenges.

Lumos Helmet Yellow Turn Signals

lumos helmet review

It is a fascinating yet a significant feature of kickstart. From my personal experience these yellow turn signals has been really helpful to me, it is a plus point because these makes it really easy for you to continue with your ride. Kickstart has a wireless remote which can be easily mounted on the handle bars and the remote is water resistant so you can still use it when it’s pouring down. This wireless button pad helps you to activate the yellow turn signals on the rear and front side of the helmet so that other vehicles can become aware of your next step. 

Brake Lights of Lumos Smart Helmet

The brake lights are no less than a blessing in disguise because they instantly become red when you suddenly and abruptly pull the brakes. The built-in accelerometer in it sends immediate signals to turn on the light on the back whenever the bike takes sudden brakes.

Lumos KickStart Helmet Protection System

Kickstart is 100% secure with the poly carbonate shell and EPS foam liner. The both of them combine gives the helmet a hard and solid exterior whereas they also protects your head from any impacts. You are likely to be at the receiving end of injuries when you travel in traffic, so kickstart prevents that by offering full protection in all conditions.

Note: If you are riding a bike in any state of USA, you should know their bike helmet laws. Otherwise, you may get fined!

Available in 6 Colors

It has 6 alluring colors together with the classic white and black so you can decide which one you like the most, personally I love the color black as it is appealing to the eyes and stands out in day time. But there is no harm if you opt for a different color because the LED lights in it will make you pop out regardless of the color of helmet.

You can also wear Lumos Kickstart helmet while riding an electric scooter

Weight and Size of Lumos KickStart Helmet

It is a bit heavier in weight than that of non-lighted helmets but that does not make it any less attractive to the users. It is available in one size that fit the head ranges from 54 to 62 cm, moreover it needs regular charging with USB that comes with it.

Another fascinating thing about this helmet is that there is a Lumos companion app which offers multiple features like you can track your battery life, have your light flashing patterns customized and just simply keep a track on your activity with this application.

What I Like?

  • It comes in an attractive design
  • Front and rare bright LED lights
  • Fully secure with the EPS liner and poly carbonate shell

What I Don’t Like?

  • Available in one size only

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Final Remarks about Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet

Having a decent helmet that protects the head and is super comfortable is what a biker wants, right? But would not it be cool to have LED lights in your helmet which keeps you visible at 360 degrees. Lumos kickstart is not only affordable and convenient but also it is a smart helmet and this makes it stand out among other helmets.

The captivating and a significant feature of kickstart is its LED lights which arise interest in people to buy it. But what really makes it worthy of buying is that it is completely safe and keeps your head protected at all times.

Moreover, the yellow turn signals makes it easier to communicate with the others and let them know about your next step. And then there are brake light in it that turns red when you stop your bike with abrupt brake. Overall, it is a good shot for those who are in search of a modern and upgraded version of a helmet. This helmet has everything that every biker would found useful and especially if you are new to cycling this helmet will be a lot more helpful to you.

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