Mountain Bike Goggles vs Glasses: Which one is better for MTB Rides?

Mountain biking is an adventurous sport that requires suitable protection. You cannot focus and enjoy your ride without adequate protective gear. Eyes when unprotected are the most vulnerable part of the rider.

Luckily, there are many safety gears like goggles and glasses which can protect your fragile eyes. Unlike cycling, mountain biking is much tougher as the conditions that the riders have to face are more unexpected and rugged.

This is why it would be foolish to go out there without having suitable MTB safety gear on. Your chances of getting injured would be high in such situations. Stay tuned if you want to clear out your confusion about mountain bike goggles vs glasses and choose the best eye protection gear according to your situation.

Mountain Bike Goggles vs Glasses

Mountain Bike Goggles vs Glasses: Which is Better for MTB Rides?
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When it comes to eye protection gear, the most debatable topic among mountain bikers is that of mountain biking goggles vs glasses. Although, both can keep your eyes safe while you are biking swiftly on the trails among the mountains, it is best to know when it would be ideal to use either glasses or goggles.

Not just newbies, but even professional mountain bikers can get confused when it comes to choosing between goggles and glasses. Both have their own features and specialties. Many think of mountain bike goggles and glasses as an alternative to each other, but the reality is that in some conditions you should have goggles on while in others it is best to opt for glasses.

Mountain Bike Goggles vs Glasses: Which one is better for MTB Rides?

No matter which one you go for, in the end, the most important thing is that you must have either one as while you are biking out in the wild anything can pop up in front of you. You can get hit in the face with a flying rock, a bug can get into your eye, dust can get all over you, or you can even slip your bike in the mud. In such situations, you must have goggles or glasses to keep your eyes safe.

When is it best to use mountain biking goggles?

Mountain biking is undoubtedly a demanding game. You cannot take it casually as you can end up regretting it later. When it comes to the safety of your eyes there is no chance of making a mistake.

The structure and build of the goggles make them ideal for professionals who want to explore their mountain climbing skills and go for tough riding skills. Not every mountain climbing track or riding style is tough. When you are going on smooth and straight terrains with your mountain bike, then the hurdles you face are more parallel.

In cases when you are going on technical terrains which includes jumping, going steep, or showcasing your skills, you will have to rely on goggles. A pair of goggles will have a much more sealed structure as compared to glasses.

This makes the goggles more protective than glasses especially if you are riding your bike on terrain which is dusty and rough, then you must have goggles on as dust can get into your glasses because they are open from the sides. The goggles that mountain bikers use are dustproof, windproof, and impact-proof.

The shields of these safety gears are made of tough material which is resistant to scratches. Even if the mountain biker falls down there will be no starch on the lens, so he will be able to see around easily.

Mountain bikers who are into downhill, enduro racing, or freeride type of biking styles should go for mountain biking goggles as these riding styles require going out into rough, tough, and wild terrains. You should be prepared to encounter any type of danger while taking part in these styles of mountain biking.

While taking part in a mountain biking tournament, it is obvious that many other bikers are on the same terrain as you. This can lead to many small projectiles such as pebbles, bits of wood, leaves, or dust coming in contact with your face. If any of these projectiles enter your eyes it can affect your speed, control, and visibility.

In such situations the chances of falling off your bike or sliding along with it increase. During the enduro racing or freeride tournament you will have to watch out for trees and animals as you have to go through natural trails.

When is it best to use mountain biking glasses?

Mountain biking is not just limited to one season. Bikers love to explore their favorite terrains, whether it is raining, in winter, or even in summer. Glasses are the best option when it comes to long hours of biking.

Mountain biking glasses are not as sealed as compared to goggles. They are open on the sides and let air pass through them. This helps riders to have maximum airflow while they are biking.

Mountain biking is not an easy task as you have to control your mountain bike on bumpy and rough surfaces. It is common to sweat in such conditions. Sweating will not affect the visibility of your glasses as the air that flows through them dries the moisture out in no time. You don’t have to bear the uneasy feeling as there is no closed area where moisture could accumulate.

Many newbie mountain biking enthusiasts or hobbyists prefer to opt for glasses as they are smaller and lighter in weight. There is no strap attached and they look much cooler because of their sleek design in comparison to mountain biking goggles.

The mountain biking glasses come in different colors which help bikers not just look cool but also block out different light spectrums. The MTB safety glasses even when worn for a very long time don’t get sweaty or fogged. This is because of the open structure and proper air ventilation. You can have a better feeling while biking with the help of MTB glasses as you can feel the breeze touching your face.

Whether you are riding your mountain bike on a simple hilly trail, through smooth grassy land, country roads, or mountain terrains, mountain biking glasses are the best protective gear that will shield your eyes against any kind of debris, dust, sunlight, radiations, bugs, leaves, or much more.

The heat of the body of the rider whether it is summer or winter causes fogging of the eyewear lens, but in the case of mountain biking glasses, there is no such issue. So, it can be said that without a pair of mountain biking glasses the protective gear of a biker is incomplete.

FAQs about MTB Goggles and Glasses

Should I wear goggles while mountain biking?

It is impossible for mountain bikers to get on trails without eye safety gear. Mountain bike goggles are ideal when it comes to keeping your eyes safe. When you are moving at a fast speed through mountainous ranges, there are many things that could go wrong. But if you have a helmet and a pair of goggles you will bear any difficulty or hazard easily. Goggles will shield your eyes completely.

Can you go mountain biking with glasses?

Yes, bikers can ride a bike with glasses. In fact, it is essential for bikers to wear one in order to keep their eyes and vision safe. There are many things that can get into your eyes and damage them. This will affect your eyes and can even distract you from focusing on your game. So, wearing glasses will keep your eyes safe. You don’t have to bother about sunlight, damaging rays, dust, debris, mud, or moisture as MTB glasses can keep you safe from all of these hazards.

Final Thoughts on Goggles OR Glasses for MTB Rides

I hope that now the debate of mountain bike goggles vs glasses has come to an end. Mountain biking glasses are an all-rounder as you can wear them in all seasons and while having almost any kind of riding style.

If you have to go on long rides in hot weather then glasses will help you with air ventilation and drying moisture easily. Whereas, mountain biking goggles are more secure, fixed, durable, and protective. The strap of the goggles along with their compatibility with helmets makes it easy for riders to ride safely even on bumpy roads. I hope now you know which one suits you best.

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