Neffice Mountain Bike Review [Truth Revealed]

Being a beginner, when you can’t justify a lot of money to live your passion of hitting the adventurous terrains, you are left with not much of options that can deliver what you are craving. 

You will find many MTB names claiming to be the best, but believe me or not; the market crowded with the bike is no less than a minefield for you when on a budget. One wrong move and you will fall prey to anyone’s marketing gimmick!

Neffice Mountain Bike is also one of those who claim you could get it for a lower price tag without compromising the quality and performance. But is it even true?

Neffice Mountain Bike

You have an eye on this bike and should not rely on their sayings; rather have to make up your decision after going through this “Neffice Mountain Bike Review.” Have a look;

Neffice Mountain Bike In-Depth Review

Neffice Mountain bike has been around for a while and established itself as a budget-friendly mountain bike that you can buy for under $500. It received praise by many bikers due to the quality of material, design, and performance relative to the price.

The actual users mentioned it enables them to test their extended limits, and its responsive nature lets them take on challenges easily. I bought one to scrutinize it thoroughly and determine whether it was a worthy purchase or just another hyped-up bike.

Neffice Mountain Bike Specifications Review

Here’s what I found about it; 

1. Construction Material of Neffice MTB

I found a Neffice bike manufactured with aluminum material rather than stainless steel, which ensures better responsiveness, lightest weight of the bike and affordability. 

When I tested it on different terrains, I enjoyed the benefit of its aluminum material as it does not let me vibrate a lot on the bumping side of the terrain. Because it holds the capacity to damper the vibration up to 50%. 

Due to the aluminum frame, the overall weight of the Neffice mountain bike is around 42 pounds only, which helped the tester to climb up the bike on steep surfaces without pushing it hard. 

I have not made it go through the rusting test, as there was no need to do so. The aluminum has already been scientifically proved to be rust-free. You can expect it not to get damaged due to the rust and to remain functional for years to come.

And do you know what? Using aluminum is the main contributor to reducing the bike’s overall cost and making it affordable for beginners. 

2. Road Grip of Neffice MTB

The simple rule of thumb is that larger-sized wheels mean a strong grip on a road, a faster speed and smooth maneuverability through hurdles. 

This is why, Neffice features fairly larger-sized wheels of 27.5*1.2″‘, which is good enough for a firm grip on the terrain. 

I was amazed to see the results of the combination of larger wheels and a lighter weight frame as the Neffice bike was not struggling to go through any obstacle with optimal pedaling and giving a strong grip on the terrain. Hence, stability makes your biking experience safe and secure. 

Note: The larger wheels do not increase the average speed of the bike but help cover longer distances during the same period. Eventually, save you energy and time. 

3. Neffice Mountain Bike Brakes 

Neffice being relatively faster could put you in danger if you lost control over it due to the speeding. This is why considering the braking mechanism and its effectiveness is as important as looking out for its road grip. 

Luckily, this aspect of testing also ended up with the good news, as the bike is equipped with disk brakes both at the rear and back wheels. 

I put the bike in different situations with obstacles and tested it at different speeds. Every time, I found its brake stopping the wheels instantly and giving back the control of the bike. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry at all when riding off-road. The brakes will not let you lose control and will keep you the captain of your sail throughout the journey. 

4. Neffice MTB Speed

The best thing about the bike is its 24 variable speed availability that you can use to customize the bike according to the terrain you are riding on. 

I found the operation very smooth and quick when transiting between different speeds. Whether climbing or descending, you can adjust the speed accordingly within seconds and have a safe yet comfortable riding experience. 

5. Comfort

The seats and the lockable fork suspension work perfectly to give you a memorable yet comfortable riding experience. The forks are designed good enough to absorb the impact and do not let it travel to your handlebar, as it could cause trouble for you. 

No matter how bumpy your terrain is, the impact won’t be able to reach the handles bar to make you lose control. Furthermore, the cushioned seat of the bike also keeps you comfortable all day long, while adjustability allows you to adjust the seat at the height where you feel comfortable. 

6. Easy to Assemble

80% of the bike comes pre-assembled to offer you convenience when you receive it at home. The rest of the 20% has to be assembled by yourself, which is reasonably easy to do so. 

Even a naïve person with a basic understanding of tools can quickly assemble it within a few minutes after going through the instructions.

What I Like?

  • Adjustable height and frame make it versatile
  • Smooth transition between 24 speeds
  • The suspension absorbs 90% of impacts
  • It can be assembled within minutes by Naïve
  • Responsive brakes
  • Strong road grip

What I Don’t Like?

  • Few components get damaged during delivery (can be claimed easily)

Who is it Ideal for?

Neffice has the ability to satisfy a biker’s craving for hitting it hard on any terrain but it is not an ideal purchase for a professional cyclist. If you are an intermediate to advanced cyclist, you will probably want to find a bike that has a carbon fiber frame and all around better components.

I would recommend it to beginners who are starting out their biking career, have a height between 5.4″ to 6.1″ and weigh less than 275 pounds. 

Final thought about Neffice Mountain Bike

After testing the bike out on all the essential aspects, I have concluded that the Neffice mountain bike is not just another hyped-up bike but worth every penny you would spend on it. You can’t find a better bike giving you a perfect blend of affordability and performance.

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