Shimano Sora vs 105 Groupset: A Detailed Comparison

While considering a perfect road bike, the braking system is an essential component that demands a quality groupset. Groupsets are the combination of elements including chainset, speed, configurations, cassettes, and much more that makes a complete braking system. Hence, it is ideal that you go for a reliable groupset.

There are two most commonly used alternatives from Shimano i.e. 105 and Sora. Both of these road bike groupsets are impressive yet have some clear differences that determine which one to use for which ride and surface.

So, here is a comprehensive guide on Shimano Sora vs 105 based on cassette configuration, speeds, and chainsets. So, you can choose the groupset that works for you.

Shimano Sora vs 105 Groupset

Shimano Sora vs 105 Groupset: A Detailed Comparison

The main difference between Shimano Sora and 105 is the braking and shifting system. Shimano 105 has much more smooth shifting and braking than Shimano Sora. I personally used both groupsets on my road bike and experienced that Shimano 105 shifts much more better than Shimano Sora.

Other than braking and shifting, the manufacturing material of Shimano 105 is better than Sora, as a result Shimano 105 is more durable.

Shimano Sora vs 105 Features Overview

Below I have shared a comparison table of Shimano Sora and 105 to help you quickly decide which one is better for your bike. However, for a detailed comparison of each component of Shimano Sora and 105 groupset, read the complete article.

FeatureShimano SoraShimano 105
Shifting PerformanceReliable and smooth shiftingCrisp and precise shifting
Number of Gears9-speed11-speed
WeightSlightly heavierLighter
Construction QualityGood quality, suitable for entry-level ridersHigher quality, ideal for intermediate riders
Materials UsedDurable and functional materialsLightweight and high-performance materials
Braking PerformanceGood braking powerEnhanced braking power
CompatibilityCompatible with a wide range of bike framesCompatible with a wide range of bike frames
PriceMore affordableHigher price range

Shimano Sora vs 105 Features Detailed Review

In this detailed review of Shimano Sora and 105 groupset, we will explore the key features of both groupsets, including their shifting performance, number of gears, weight, construction quality, materials used, braking performance, compatibility, and price.

By examining these aspects, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive comparison to help you make an informed decision based on your specific cycling needs and preferences.

Speed of Shimano 105 vs Shimano Sora

To start with, Shimano 105 is equipped with an 11-speed groupset with R700 and 5800-speed settings, while Sora only comes with one R3000 current generation with 9-speed groupsets. Now, this variance largely depends on the ride and the surface where you are going to ride. All in all, these are only minor differences as you will find the 11-speed groupset a little more efficient on bumpy and uneven rides.

Similarly, if you are just going to use your road bike on even or flat surfaces and declined or inclined surfaces, Sora 9-speed settings are more than enough for you. However, it is not recommended to be used on rough and bumpy terrains. All being said, the 11-speed setting is still superior and can serve you well in varying terrains.

Shifters of Shimano Sora vs 105

Shimano Sora Vs 105 Shifters Comparison

Here, both the Shimano 105 and Sora come with integrated brakes and shifters, so you won’t find any significant distinction. However, these have some notable distinctions that can influence your buying decision. For 105, these are designed in a lighter yet sturdier manner. So, you will get a quality grip through the ride. Also, changing the gears is quite easy on Shimano 105.

In contrast, the shifts in Shimano Sora are quite efficient, yet these demand some power on rough surfaces. These are more designed for city riders and flat surfaces other than mountainous or bumpy terrains. You will further feel them a bit bulkier than 105.

Double or Triple Crankset of Shimano Sora Vs 105

Shimano Sora vs 105 Crankset Comparison
Crankset Comparison of Shimano Sora Vs 105

For crankset, you will not notice something significant between Shimano 105 or Sora. Both of these are fur-arm cranks that are attached to the chainrings. The only variation in crankset of Shimano Sora and 105 is that 105 set comes in a glossy finish and either black or silver finish. It also weighs less than its counterpart and allows you to prevent cross-chaining.

Here, however, Shimano Sora has an advantage as it comes with a triple chainset that is not present in 105.

Braking Power comparison of Shimano Sora vs 105

Braking Power comparison of Shimano Sora vs 105
Braking Power comparison of Shimano Sora vs 105

If you are in search of something heavy-duty or intermediate, you will be pleased to hear that Shimano has both. When it comes to Shimano 105, you will find it a bit more complex (hydraulics involved), which makes it quite effective and helps you in bumpy and uneven terrains. For Sora, it is designed for city rides and flat surfaces with limited mechanical disc brakes.

So, based on your preferences and requirements, you can choose the one that suits you well. If you are looking for response and stability, I would highly suggest you go for the dual-pivot 105.

On the contrary, if you want calipers that are outstanding and stable enough to facilitate you with casual riding, you can go for Sora without any lagging. Lastly, you can choose to either go for calipers or disc brakes as both of these have these options.

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Weighing Shimano Sora vs Shimano 105 Cassette

Weighing Shimano Sora vs Shimano 105 Cassette
Weighing Shimano Sora Vs Shimano 105 Cassette

Similarly, it is ideal that you have an idea about the weighing cassettes. Here, the main gap between Shimano Sora and 105 cassette is that Shimano 105 cassettes come within the configuration range of 12 – 25, 11 – 34, 11 – 38, and 11 – 32.

Now, when compared with the Shimano Sora cassette range that is two gears down from 105 one, this one feels lighter (not more than 300g) and doesn’t burden you with the weight, and feels comfortable all along. For Sora, you will have to get them paired with 9-speed chains that can be a bit of a problem.

Price Range Comparison

Finally, another thing that can highly influence your buying decision is the price range and your budget allocation. Hence, when it comes to Shimano 105, you can find this under $500 with calipers brakes. The hydraulic disc brakes would add a little and can cost you up to $700.

In contrast, for the Sora groupset, with calipers brakes, you can get it for about $350. Yet, with disc brakes, these would cost you at most $400. So, based on your budget allocation, you can choose the one that works for you.

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FAQs about Shimano Sora and 105

Who should ride Sora?

Anyone with basic skills can ride Sora. If you are someone who just rides in leisure time for fun and exercise and knows the basics, you can use this reliable alternative from Shimano. However, you should not use it on bumpy and uneven terrains as they may have a compromised gearing and speed performance here.

Which is better; Shimano 105 vs Shimano Sora?

It totally depends on the surface you are going to ride your bike on. For flat or declined surfaces, Shimano Sora is my absolute recommendation. In contrast, if you are going a bit more proficient and want something that works on bumpy terrains, Shimano 105 is an impressive deal to invest in.

Is Shimano 105 more expensive than Sora?

Yes, Shimano 105 can be a bit more expensive than its counterpart Sora. Here, it is important to consider that both of these come with the caliper and disc brakes. So, you can get the cost down easily. With calipers brakes, you can get 105 for approximately $700. If you are a budget enthusiast and going to use the bike on flat surfaces, Sora is a great choice for you.

Shimano Sora vs 105 – Which Suits Me Best?

Finally, coming from Shimano, both these groupsets are great and impressive alternatives to invest in, despite having some minute differences mentioned above. While choosing the one that is more appropriate, it is ideal that you have an idea about where you are going to use your road bike.

For flat or declined surfaces, Shimano Sora is my absolute recommendation. However, for more bumpy and mountainous terrains, you can go for the 105 groupset that is a bit more on the performance scale. So, based on these features variations, you can choose the right one according to your riding requirements!

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