Sirdar S-800 Dual Disk Brake Mountain Bike Review

In the last few decades, tons of evolutions have been done in the world of mountain bikes, making them highly suitable for off-road bike rides. Mountain bikes are different from ordinary bikes in terms of durability and performance. The incorporation of many noteworthy and strategic features like powerful brakes, durable wheels, and lighter weight of frame makes them all time best mountain bikes, competent in handling various landscapes.

The decision of choosing the best option out of various ones is always difficult whether you are buying your first mountain bike or the 10th one, the confusion is always there. Fortunately in this article, we are reviewing the best mountain bike of sirdar series i.e. Sirdar S-800.

So stick to this article as lots of informative aspects of this mountain bike are discussed here!

Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike Review

Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike Review
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Specifications Summary
Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike Review

Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike Review

  • Derailleur: 27 Speed
  • Braking System: Dual Disk Brake
  • Tire Size: 29 inch Tire
  • Other Specs: Easy to assemble

To begin with, the first and the most defining feature of the Sirdar S-800 is that it is of high quality that is available in an affordable price range. This bike includes all the innovative features that professional bikers need in order to have an amazing off-road cycling experience.

Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike

It is easy to assemble, with high-quality 27-speed derailleur and an efficient brake system. So for having a better picture of this mountain bike, these all features with their functions are listed:

Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike 27-speed Derailleur

In order to provide the full 27 speed to the mountain bikers, this model of Sirdar is equipped with nine gear rear derailleur and three gear front MTB derailleur. The function of these gears is to provide an efficient and comfortable experience to bikers for riding in the flat highway areas and steep mountain paths.

The one reason for being the bike the most efficient is its simple, effortless, and intuitive switching of the gears. The biker can easily switch the gear accordingly even with the single touch of a finger. This tough and affordable mountain bike never disappoints its users while shifting the gears due to the installation of outstanding derailleurs. Also read my detailed comparison of Shimano Sora vs Tiagra.

Dual Disc Brake System of Sirdar S800 MTB

One of the most noticeable features of the Sirdar mountain bike is its dual disc brake system. These brakes are present on the front as well as on the back tires. The main function of the brakes is to control the speed of the bike.

Differentiating between the best and ordinary mountain bikes, premium quality brakes are very much important. The dual disc brake system of this model helps the rider to have better control of the speed of the bike in dropping situations.

Larger 29 inch Tires of Sirdar S800 Mountain Bike

The recognition of the best mountain biker can be done easily by their tires. Larger and high-quality tires in mountain bikes make them extremely efficient. While talking about the Sirdar S-800 bike, the larger 29-inch fat tires help the biker to have a comfortable ride even in harsh landscape situations. Larger tires provide better grip and full control because of having a wide area of contact with the ground.

Another benefit of these large tires is that they can move easily through large obstacles that come in the way of the rider and can help in guiding the biker while passing through rough landscapes smoothly.

These larger tires gain the speed of the bike faster as well as having great grip, they are able to control the speed of the mountain bike easily. Always make sure to wear a full face helmet for mountain biking.

Sirdar S-800 Easy Assembling

Sirdar S-800 Mountain Bike Easy Assembling

Among the many best and innovative features of the Sirdar S-800 model, the feature of its easy and effortless assembling is there to facilitate the bikers. The bike is already preassembled by the company before reaching your doorstep.

For further effortless installation and keeping the parts of the bike altogether and making it ready to use immediately, you need to watch installation videos related to this model.

Customer Service of Sirdar

Sirdar is best known for its effective and quick customer service. After purchasing the mountain bike from Sirdar, they keep you updated about the problems and provide better solutions in order to solve them. The satisfaction level of their customer is increased because of their best and quick customer service.

The answers to all the questions are provided by the professionals in order to solve the queries of their customers in a much quicker and better way. If you’re a beginner MTB rider, you must read my 12 important tips for beginner mountain riders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fat tires bikes for?

Fat types are found mainly in mountain bikes that are used for having smooth rides on harsh surfaces. They have the best grip that controls the speed of the bike due to their wide area that is contacted with the ground.

Is a full suspension mountain bike worth it?

Yes, full suspension mountain bikes are worth it because they provide a comfortable ride and help in reducing rider’s fatigue, and allow the rider to ride on the bike comfortably for a longer period of time.

Can you ride a mountain bike on road?

As mountain bikes are specifically designed for riding on rough surfaces, they will perform well in the desired area but yes you can also use mountain bikes for riding on roads and streets.

Do you burn more calories mountain biking or road biking?

Calories are burnt whether you are mountain biking or road biking but if you want to burn more calories, then mountain biking is one of the best and effective ways to burn large amounts of calories and helps in weight loss.

How do I choose the right mountain bike?

While buying the best and right mountain bike, select the right wheel size, suspension quality, design, brake system, and its assembling. A perfect and right size of the bike according to the height of the biker is very important while having an off-road cycling trip.

Concluding Sirdar S800 MTB Review

Mountain biking is an adventurous type of sport that involves cycling on harsh surfaces. For this, specific mountain bikes are designed and manufactured that facilitate the biker while mountain biking. Sirdar is one of the most popular names in the mountain bike world and its topmost launched model Sirdar S-800 is non-other than the best up till now.

Having 29-inch larger tires with 27-speed derailleurs keeps the bike in control of the biker and helps in maintaining a better grip due to its wide area that comes in contact with the ground. Its dual disc brake system keeps the bike at a perfect speed and contributes to delivering the best and efficient performance. Hence it is the best and affordable mountain bike to opt for.

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