SuperTeam S-ALL Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals Review

When I first laid my eyes on the S-ALL CARBON C28-50 Disc Decals from SUPERTEAM, I just knew my cycling adventure was going to be different now.

As an adventurer, I have always sought the best speed and performance along with a blend of stability and efficiency in my riding. So, when I heard amazing things about this set of wheels, I couldn’t wait to try them myself.

In this post, I will be sharing my experience of riding these wheels and telling you about how they have redefined cycling for me. If you end up purchasing wheels from SUPERTEAM, be sure to use our links for a 5% discount as well!

SuperTeam S-ALL Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals: My First Impression

SuperTeam S-All Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals Review
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Taking the first look at SuperTeam S-ALL CARBON C28-50 DISC Silver Decals was like opening a treasure chest. The light just shone from inside the box.

The sleek design with silver decals would catch anyone’s attention immediately and force you to think about the immense amount of craftsmanship and sophistication that has been put into this product.

To be honest, these wheels just gave a vibe only high-quality cycling gear can provide. If you love to ride, then you would know what I am talking about.

I couldn’t stop myself from admiring the craftsmanship before installing the wheels. The rachet structure hub with a set of 36 teeth was truly fascinating. The innovative design is patented and promises to provide efficient power transmission.

So, I was already sure that I would be getting amazing performance, especially acceleration with these wheels. As an adrenaline junkie myself, I love the thrill of racing ahead. So, you can imagine my excitement at this point.

Key Specifications of SuperTeam S-ALL Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals

Before I get into details about my experience, let me briefly show you the key specifications of this product:

Specification TitleSpecification Details
Product ModelALL CARBON C28-50 DISC 2023
MaterialToray T700 & T800 Premium Carbon Fiber
Rim Width28mm
Rim Depth50mm
Rim Weight445g ± 15g
Wheelset Weight1385g ± 30g
Spoke Count21/21
Max Cyclist Weight120 kg (on flat ground)
Recommended Tire Width700C 25C (28C)
Tire Pressure Limit125Psi / 8.6bar
Warranty3 Years
CertificationUCI Proved, SGS Proved

My Journey with SUPERTEAM Wheels: Conquering Crosswinds and Flats

When I took these wheels out for a spin, the very first thing I noticed was how effortlessly they helped me build up speed.

SuperTeam S-All Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals on my bike1

The acceleration was instantaneous. Starting from a standstill and just racing ahead was exhilarating.

So, it would be justifiable to say that the wheels are designed to transform the pedal power to forward motion with excellence and minimum effort. It’s like you get a much better response as compared to other inferior wheel sets.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the true marvels of these amazing wheels. As a cyclist, you understand the challenge of crosswinds. They are just a pain to deal with.

However, the clever engineering behind these wheels ensured that the crosswinds had minimal impact on my stability. There were no hindrances no matter how fast I wanted.

Hence, I was able to maintain my trajectory without the unnerving wobbles that you usually get with a normal set of wheels. But it wasn’t just about handling gusty winds. Cruising on flat terrain was an entirely new experience altogether.

Do you know what the true euphoria was, the speed didn’t seem to go down on its own. Usually, when you build up speed while riding, it doesn’t hold for much time. However, with these wheels, it was an entirely new experience.

These wheels seemed to have the ability to hold the speed, almost as if they were reluctant to let it go.
So, I was able to effortlessly maintain higher speeds on the flats.

Climbing Power with SuperTeam S-ALL Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals

The climbing prowess of these amazing wheels is also beyond impressive. I’ll be honest. I had some doubts initially that wheels that excel on flat terrain would not do so well on steep ascents.

However, to my surprise, the wheels performed exceptionally well. They displayed an unexpected snappiness and propelled me uphill with considerably less effort and a newfound efficiency.

I cannot begin to describe the seamless climbing experience. I felt a harmonious blend of lightweight design and sturdy construction working together to push me up the inclines.

My bike climbing like never before with SuperTeam S-All Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals

The ceramic bearings further contributed to this performance and enhanced the smoothness of my riding experience.

Aerodynamics of SuperTeam S-ALL Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals

Aerodynamics of SuperTeam S-All Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals1

The lines of these wheelsets are famed in 5.5mm carbon spokes which can be termed a revolutionary innovation in cycling technology. As compared to normal wheels, these spokes are not just wider but are also incredibly thin and lightweight. They only weigh 3.4 grams each.

You must be thinking about what that has got to do with anything. Well, it contributes to the overall efficiency of the wheels and creates a higher aerodynamic effect.

The carbon spokes not only add to the unique aesthetic beauty of the set but also improves the aerodynamic performance which allows you to cut through wind with minimal resistance.

Spruce Climb: Surpassing Expectations

When I took the SUPERTEAM wheels for a challenging ascent at the Spruce Climb, I was really impressed with their performance. It was nothing short of spectacular.

Even while exerting less power on the paddling, I was able to shave off 30 seconds on a grade 3 climb, which is a lot per my experience. These wheels truly bring a noteworthy difference in time.

I believe the true credit for this goes to the lightweight design and ceramic bearings which ensures minimum rolling resistance, making the climb perfectly effortless.

Even after reaching the peak, I felt surging energy in my body, pushing me to go further. Here’s a quick look at my latest cycling record of Spruce Climb.

Latest cycling record of Spruce Climb

Claremont Descent: A New Record

The ride at Claremont Descent has always been a thrilling experience for me characterized by its sharp turns and a liberating straightway.

In my previous experiences with this descent, I was hardly able to shave off even fractions of seconds while making hard aggression turns, even at high-risk speeds.

However, with SUPERTEAM wheels, I was able to slash a whopping four seconds off my descent time. Guess what? I wasn’t as aggressive or actively chasing to make a new record.

Interestingly, it was on the same day as my previous climb where I also set a new personal record. Here’s a quick look on how these wheels changed my experience of Claremont Descent:

Latest cycling record of Claremont Descent

What I Like?

  • Impressive Acceleration
  • Stability Against Crosswinds
  • Effortless Riding Experience
  • Impressive Climbing Performance
  • Exceptional Design
  • Aesthetic Decals in Silver
  • Enhanced Aerodynamics
  • Superior Performance

What I Don’t Like?

  • Expensive
  • No Color or Design Alternatives

In a world where cycling technology is constantly evolving, the S-ALL CARBON C28-50 DISC 2023 Silver Decals truly stand out as both aesthetic and high-performance gear.

These wheels are a must-have in your cycling arsenal. The impeccable stability, effortless riding experience, and surprising climbing prowess left a lasting impression on me. You cannot find a better set of wheels for smoother and faster rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SUPERTEAM approved by UGI and SGS?

Yes, these wheels have undergone strict quality certifications and testing. Hence, they have been approved by UCI (International Cycling Union) and SGS (General Standard Group).

Is buying S-ALL CARBON C28-50 DISC 2023 Silver Decals worth the price?

Although they might seem a bit expensive, these wheels are truly worth the price. They redefine your cycling experience and bring you the marvel of true and innovative riding in the modern world.

What are some downsides of buying these wheels?

These wheels are expensive and might not be suitable for casual riders. They are suited for performance riding and for climbing steep inclines where you require maximum pedal performance.

Concluding SuperTeam S-ALL Carbon C28-50 Disc Decals Review

I must admit that in the beginning I was overtaken by the visual appeal of the design and silver decals, but after testing these wheels I am truly impressed with their performance on the road.

SUPERTEAM’s S-ALL CARBON C28-50 DISC 2023 Silver Decals have truly transformed my cycling experience with their sleek appearance and their remarkable performance.

These wheels are packed with an incredible set of features that truly transform the riding experience. Yes, it is true that the premium price tag might seem expensive to some users, but they are really cost-effective.

These wheels have premium construction and come with a warranty. Their durability and reliability are indisputable. Personally, I don’t think I can find a better set of wheels for my riding adventures. So, here’s to countless more miles of exhilarating rides, as I continue in my adventures.

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