Tailgate Pad vs Bike Rack: Which is more safe?

Pickup trucks have plenty of options when it comes to transporting bikes from place to place. For transporting there are many options available. The top two and the most popular options that people can opt for are the tailgate bike pad and the bike rack. Both of these are the best option a person can use for transportation purposes.

Well, to select one among both is challenging. There is no need to worry about it so much as this guide will make it easier for you to select one for your bike transporting work. Follow the article to know the difference between tailgate pad vs bike rack so as to get yours accordingly.

Tailgate Pad vs Bike Rack

tailgate pad vs bike rack
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The main difference between tailgate pad and bike rack is that tailgate pad can only be used on vehicles which have tailgate i.e. trucks, whereas bike rack can be used on tailgate trucks as well as on other vehicles which don’t have tailgate.

To know which is most suitable you need to look at the difference between both of these as well as types of bike racks. Both of these work amazingly but have some noticeable differences which differentiate them. To choose the most authentic thing you need to know those differences.

What is Tailgate Pad?

Tailgate pad works best for transporting bikes from one place to the other. The tailgate bike pad allows the truck to easily transport the bike in the mountains.

Tailgate pad is super easy to use and transport your bike safely and securely without causing any damage to it. The tailgate pad is basically the ¾ inch thick padding, which protects the objects and prevents damage.

truck with tailgate pad
Truck with Tailgate Pad

Advantages of Tailgate Pad

  • The tailgate pads are easy to install and remove. You can easily install it and remove it whenever needed.
  • The best thing is that they are pretty unobtrusive and you can easily leave them in your truck through the summer.
  • Another advantage is that the tailgate is quite reasonable to buy.
  • These pads are best to secure the bikes.

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What is Bike Rack?

bike rack attached to car and bike hanged

A bike rack is another good way of transporting your bike to the mountainous area easily. This is the easiest and simple method that most people use. It is very beneficial and you can easily keep it and use it whenever needed.

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Advantages of Bike Rack

  • The bike rack is eye-catchy and attracts many users.
  • It is very advantageous and preferred by most cyclists.
  • It is bike-friendly as it provides the proper bike parking and positioning while transporting.
  • The best thing is that it increases the parking capacity and provides convenient bike storage.

Which Is Best? – Tailgate Pad vs Bike Rack

Well, the honest decision after describing each separately is that the bike rack is more demanding and popular among people. People mostly prefer buying bike racks as it is more beneficial to use. Well, the tailgate pad is good too for the use of bike transportation on truck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a tailgate pad for road bikes?

Yes, you can use a tailgate pad for road bikes. As it allows the easy transportation of bikes from place to place.

Do tailgate pads scratch the paint?

The tail pad causes the dust to enter into the pads, which has a chance of scratching the paint and can damage your bike a little.

Do bike racks damage your car?

No, the bike racks do not damage your car but it needs to be installed carefully. It only damages your car in case they are not secured fully.

Final Remarks about Tailgate Pad and Bike Rack Comparison

I hope that this guide will make it easy for you to choose one between the tailgate pad bike rack. Both tailgate and bike rack are good to use but the slight difference makes them different from each other.

Tailgate pad can only be used on vehicles with tailgate whereas bike rack is much more versatile and can be used on any type of vehicle. My recommendation goes for a bike rack as it provides a great transportation experience and it is more versatile.

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