Testicular Pain After Bike Ride – Reasons, Preventions & Treatment

Recently, I received a question from my friend Joe i.e. Can cycling cause testicular pain? My answer was NO. But after a long debate with him, I decided to ask my fellow cyclists and family doctor about it. Here, I am sharing all the information which I collected after in-depth research. It includes misconceptions, reasons, preventions and treatment about testicular pain after cycling!

Globally, bicycling as a means of exercise and transportation is increasing day by day. People should know the merits and demerits of bicycling so they can understand it in the best way and the problems associated with bicycling like testicular pain after bike ride can be resolved. Nevertheless, bicycling can also put men into many health related problems and testicular pain is one of them.

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Cycling is also responsible for erectile dysfunction, genital numbness, prostatitis and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).The most common problem among men is due to testicular pain which can be resulted by due to racing, mountain biking and unfit bike. It is necessary that cyclist should ensure the bike seat should be comfortable during cycling.

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Due to cycling many men experience erectile problems and sore testicles which result in testicular pain in men. It is not necessary that all men experience the same problems that are mentioned above. Many men don’t experience anything due to cycling on roads, mountains or any other place. This only results when someone is using bicycle excessively. In short, it depends how much time they are riding a bike.

In the past, it has been seen that many men fear from cycling whether in the gym, roads or even on mountains. The fear in men of riding a bicycle was related to their sexual health because many reports claimed that cycling is responsible for impotence in males.

If necessary precautions are taken by cyclist then the problem of testicular pain can be resolved. Only few simple changes are required with some basic knowledge that can easily avoid the testicular pain in men.

Things That Are Responsible For Testicular Pain from Bike Riding

Following are the reasons that are responsible for testicular pain from bike riding in men.

Things That Are Responsible For Testicular Pain from Bike Riding

1. Nerve Injury and Trauma

The most common problem that comes from testicular pain is the nerve pain that comes from the irritation of pudendal nerve that directly goes to the scrotum. While having a discussion with Terry Crews MD., he has confirmed that this type of pain is much more common in those riders who cover long distance. The pain in the scrotum and the groin area is known as the Cyclist’s Syndrome and this very common in cyclists, racers and even in triathletes about 60% of the male cyclists.

Also, cyclists reported that they also experience testicular trauma due to excessive bicycling. Testicular trauma occur when the testicle is twisted or crushed. When the cyclist experiences jerks during riding a bicycle. So, there is a chance of testicular trauma as well. In testicle trauma, the cord attaches the testicle and supplies the blood inside of the scrotum. In the result, it cuts off the blood supply in the scrotum.

2. Biking Hurts the Junk

The research have found that bikers have low testosterone levels as compared to those who don’t ride bicycles. The researchers reached to the conclusion that those cyclist who wear tight shorts and sitting perineal region have less blood supply to the male genitalia which result in pain in that region of the males.

It also disturbs the sex hormones called the “Gonadal Steroids” and affect the production of sperm and those hormones which produces testosterone in males.

3. Poor Position of the Saddle

If the bicycle saddle is uncomfortable it would be very difficult for a cyclist to ride a bike properly. Therefore, the saddle needs to be in a perfect position so that the cyclist would face no issue related to saddle. If the saddle is not maintain properly or if it is too high or low can lead to many problems for males, “Alcock Canal Syndrome” is one of the example.

4. Testicular Torsion

There is a cord named spermatic cord which provides blood to flow into the testicle. On this cord when the testicle rotates, it is called as testicular torsion. It stops the flow of blood which result in severe and sometimes acute swelling and pain.

Although testicular torsion is not associated due to cycling but studies have confirmed that it can rise because of cycling. The cyclist who experience the problem of testicular pain it is highly suggested to visit the nearby hospital or clinic for the treatment.

The males between the ages of 10-25 experience the problem of testicular torsion. If it is not treated by medication then surgery is performed for the underlying problem.

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5. Fluid Accumulation in the Testis

In the entire male body, testicles are considered to be one of the most delicate part of the male body. If the cyclist is not cycling in the right position it can cause pain in testicles. This can lead to many other problems like hydroceles and spermatocytes which result because of cycling.

It is better to take care of yourself a lot when it comes to riding a bicycle. You can also adapt adult electric tricycle to avoid testicular pain caused by cycling.

Preventions to Avoid Testicular Pain

Preventions to Avoid Testicular Pain

1. If you want to ride a bicycle without any complication or any other problem. So, it is necessary that you make sure that the saddle is proper for your bicycle. If the seat is uncomfortable it can cause pain in the genitalia. The seat needs to be proper fitted and will help the cyclist to sit comfortably on the seat of the bicycle.

2. Another thing that can prevent pain in the testicles is by pedaling standing out of the saddle. When the cyclist does this the blood flows in a perfect manner in the genitalia of male and chance of having testicular pain would be rare.

3. It is also recommended to wear padded shorts for cycling because the private region is sensitive and need protection from aching. So, cyclists need to wear those garments which suit for bicycling.

4. The cyclist needs to avoid disturbed roads which cause jerks and result in testicular pain. The cyclist should prefer those roads which have smooth and comfortable roads for travelling.

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Treatment of Testicle Pain Caused By Cycling

Treatment of Testicle Pain Caused By Cycling

In order to treat the testicle pain, following things need to be followed by the cyclist.

1. If there is pain or soreness in the genitalia, rubbing ice on the affected area can overcome the problem. Instant rubbing ice on the affected area can give cooling effect.

2. Also, warm bath can also give the relaxation from the testicular pain. Warm bath gives instant relief because it acts as an anti-inflammatory medication against the affected area. Doctors suggest to take at least 20 minutes bath in order to get rid of the testicular pain.

3. It is also seen that if the pain is intense putting warm cloth on the affected area can give relief from the pain. The warm cloth stimulate the flow of blood and gives relief from the ache in the genitalia.

4. If these remedies aren’t fruitful, then it is recommended to go to nearby hospital immediately. Then doctor will examine the area and give medication according to the situation.

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How Long Does Testicular Pain from Cycling Last?

The duration of testicular pain from cycling can vary depending on the severity and individual factors. It usually resolves within a few days to a couple of weeks. If the pain persists or worsens, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional.

Concluding Guide About Testicular Pain from Cycling

Many people love to ride bicycle because it has benefits for health. If necessary precautions are not taken while riding a bike it can cause problems like testicular pain is one of them. It is mandatory to ensure that the seat of bicycle should be comfortable with a good saddle for the cyclist,

If precautions are not taken then it can affect the male sensitive parts. However some men assume that infertility of men is related to bicycling which has nothing to do with it in reality. It is better to have an appointment with the doctor if there is any pain in the sensitive part of the male. Therefore, it is highly requested to have a good saddle choice, bicycle and shorts in order to protect from the testicular pain.

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