Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite Helmet Review

Today, the helmet industry is especially concerned about the perfect fit, less weight, protection, balance, comfort, and well-ventilation. All the points are suitable for a passionate bike rider who targets to achieve all the impossible miles, paths, and terrains.

There is no doubt that bike riding gives you a sense of freedom as much as the freedom to choose what is best for your comfort and protection. Troy Lee has the same motive to provide riders a helmet with many professional racing-derived features launched in its most decorated Design D3 Fiberlite helmet.

Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet Overview

Specifications Summary
Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet

Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet Specifications

  • : Fiberglass Shell and EPP/EPS Foam
  • Vents: 20 exhaust and high-flow intake ports
  • Certifications: ASTM F2032-15, ASTM F1952-15

Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet Review - Featured Image

Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet Features Review

TLD D3 Fiberlite is a combination of performance, comfort, and efficiency, and is worth the price it offers. This headpiece is a brilliant option for great bike park laps, or free ride lines simply allowing you to ride till your body allows. It gives you a comfy and a confident feeling throughout the ride, with a design that resembles more costly helmet models.

1. Comfort and Price of Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet

Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite US Helmet

Furthermore, comfort and protection are as unique metrics as ventilation and weight. The price tag is also an affordable and less pricey version of its carbon-shelled, top-shelf options from a premium brand like Troy Lee Designs.

2. Fiberglass Shell of Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet

It is a killer full face bike helmet with fiberglass shell, and carries robust scores in most performance standards. Significantly, it loads a lot of expensive components into a fiberglass shell at about half of the price. There are lighter and more options available but the Design D3 Helmet is worth every penny and is more than efficient at high speeds and catching stubborn air.

3. Protection TLD D3 Helmet Offers

Troy Lee designs d3 Fiberlite has a light-weight fiberglass shell with a good quantity of EPS/EPP foam banding inside. According to the creator of this helmet, they use extra foam in particular areas to ameliorate the safety levels in essential places. Undoubtedly, this helmet appears to be extra padded, entirely on foam, having a very comfy and concentrated feel with enough head coverage.

MIPS Protection of Troy Lee D3 helmet

Moreover, in a scientific debate, MIPS is recognized as an essential feature for helmets because of its effect, and D3 Fiberlite does not come with MIPS or any other rotational effect guard system.

Other Significant Protection Features of TLD D3 Helmet

However, there’s nothing to be disappointed about because the solid surface cover, dual-density foam liner, and protected fit makes the headpiece well-protected and shielded while wearing. In addition, for emergency helmet removal, it comes with a D-ring chin belt and quick-release cheek pads.

4. Weight of Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite Helmet

Troy Lee D3 appears to be among the hefty helmets. However, I don’t declare this as an issue of completely ignoring the helmet with multiple features. The planned usage of this helmet is pretty obvious, which is inventive for gravity endeavor bikers like shuttle or riding lifts at the bike park along with DH Rig.

Furthermore, with many experiences, the heftier weight makes it feel sturdier and more vigorous. D3 shines on straight-up shuttles or at the bike park which doesn’t demand pedaling; therefore, weight is added for the rider’s own convenience.

D-Ring Chin Belt of Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet

5. TLD D3 Helmet Ventilation

Ventilation of Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet

Talking about the ventilation, Troy Lee is manufactured in a way that appears to be super breathable or exceptionally well-ventilated, unadorned, and stylish. This helmet consist of 20 vents, of which 14 vents are intake vents and 6 are exit ports.

It has a channel laid into the foam that permits air to pass through the front to the back and vice versa. All vents including the five ports in the chin bar, are shielded with a tight wire mesh screen.

Final Words about Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet

You don’t have to take any other mortgage to buy a helmet because D3 is best for bike park days, racing downhill bikes, and sketchy free ride lines. Hence, I suggest Troy Lee D3 Fiberlite helmets to all the riders out there. Troy Lee intends to serve you excellent levels of comfort, less weight, protection, and ventilation that makes it a good option for most thrilling rides.

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