Troy Lee Designs Stage Convertible Helmet Review

All manufacturers of the helmet industry have the same essential purpose, which is to provide riders with a helmet that fulfills all their desires and protection needs. Every helmet should be a perfect fit, lightweight, maximum protection, high level of comfort, and ventilation always comes first.

Troy Lee has always made their name in everything a customer requires, and always makes sure that the helmet fits adequately and confirms it can do its job of protecting you in case of any accident and grievous brain injuries.

Troy Lee Designs Stage Convertible Helmet Overview

Specifications Summary
Troy Lee Designs Stage Convertible Helmet Image

Troy Lee Designs Stage Convertible Helmet Specifications

  • Best For: Mountain Biking
  • Material: Polylite shell with fiber reinforcement
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs.
  • Ventilation: 25 vents

Troy Lee Designs Stage Helmet Features Review

Troy Lee Designs Stage Convertible Helmet Review

We all are aware how essential it is to wear a helmet especially during dangerous rides, and the utmost reason for this is to get protected from crashes and road accidents. As riders take more professional terrain and speedy dangerous trails, the necessity for a good head shield offering adequate ventilation throughout the ride is becoming more important.

Troy Lee Designs Stage Convertible Helmet Review

Moreover, every year, I see a combination of new designs hitting the market, offering a convertible functionality that changes from open face to full face and vice versa due to the removable chin bar. Also, enlarge the vents to give full protection with exceptional airflow.

Level of Comfort Troy Lee Stage Helmet Provides

However, last year, Troy Lee entered the ring and made its best debut in the market. It is finally getting recognize and having the attention it deserves. Yes, the new contender Troy Lee Designs Stage helmet provides extreme comfort. It is packed with proper protection features, and appears light and breezy, perfect for all kinds of mountain bike rides especially best enduro helmets list is incomplete without mentioning Troy Lee Designs Stage Helmet.

Things included in the Package

Troy Lee Stage Design helmets come in a box with a sticker kit, additional visor hardware, and a variety of several pads to customize the proper fit. Overall you get two neck rolls (25mm and 15mm), two-liner thicknesses (13mm and 10mm) to rest over the MIPS device, and three-jaw pads approx. (25mm, 35m, and 15mm). All are marked to make them convenient for the customer to identify.

Size Compatibility

Furthermore, with a 56cm circumference head, I assumed it to be in an XS/S Stage, but the M/L really fitted perfectly when adjusting thicker liner pad, and didn’t rock and roll once or shake even lightly when cycling. I wear it with goggles, and this always benefits in stabilizing the headpiece.

Weight of Troy Lee Stage Helmet

Significantly, the Troy Lee Stage Helmet comes in at 708g on my scale, which appears to be somewhat heavier but still weighs approximately 40g lighter and more volatile than Fox Proframe Helmet. Both ways, it is remarkably light in weight, full face coverage helmet, and never felt unwieldy or heavy to wear all day long. Therefore, by the same badge, airing is best, which means it has become easy for riders to wear helmets steadily all day in summers without getting sweaty.

Other Significant Features of Troy Lee Stage Helmet

Likewise, the Troy Lee Stage helmet happens to be significantly better in terms of gulping down oxygen while pedaling hard than a Bell DH full face helmet. There is a regular chin strap that can scrape against the ears slightly. It is attached by a suitable magnetic Fid lock buckle that is easier to secure than a typical D-ring system. The visor can adjust at a 40-degree angle, which is just adequate to give enough area to place your goggles as well.

Final Words about TroyLee Designs Stage Helmet

Lastly, for protection, the Troy Lee Stage helmet exceeds downhill MTB helmet standards, which is comforting, relies on two varying density foams for more reliable shock retention, and a MIPS system, which is confirmed to reduce the rotational forces of collisions.

Thus, I suggest the Troy Lee Stage Design helmet to all the mountain bikers out there. Troy Lee promises to serve you comfort, lightweight, protection, and ventilation that makes it the first option for all-day ridings and enduro races.

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